Thursday, 21 January 2021

All Systems Go Shares Tips On Content Marketing

La Mesa, CA-based All Systems Go Marketing would like to reach out to the wider public to share insight on online marketing through one of their blog posts. The full article can be viewed here:

Some companies may be thinking that they should put their digital marketing efforts on hold due to the negative effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. The world economy is in a downturn, but those who are capable of reading through the current situation know that this is actually the best time to double down on online marketing efforts. Everyone is staying inside their homes without much social interaction, and people are spending most of their time on the internet and social media. This makes the current situation an excellent opportunity to strengthen digital marketing and online advertising efforts. In general, All Systems Go explains that there are three major actions that all companies can take in order to make the most of this crisis.

First and foremost, businesses need to ascertain their target audience. Companies must be aware of their customers and ensure that their target audience knows who they are, where they can be found and how their products and services can be availed. This is especially true during these days where there is less business activity going on (since most brick and mortar stores are closed). Despite the overall drop in business operations, the current situation has also led to certain companies, such as those who sell products, online experiencing a boom. These businesses can use this sudden surge of sales that they are experiencing as an opportunity to ride the wave and extend their success. In order to do this, they need to ascertain which parts of the market are contributing to their increase in sales.

Companies benefit when people know about them. Ad campaigns on social media can be done even with small budgets, and they should prove to be effective. Companies can also get their name out there by undertaking small tasks, such as updating their blogs, posting on social media and launching email campaigns to raise brand awareness.

The next step companies can take is to convert potential customers to sure buyers. Not all businesses are experiencing a boom due to the current COVID-19 situation. In fact, many are facing a reduction in their daily operations. These businesses can take this opportunity to maximize conversions from the marketing efforts that they have launched in the past. They can study and assess the user journey of the targets of their marketing campaigns. They can check details such as where email campaign recipients stopped clicking and where the most fallouts occurred during previous UTM campaigns, for instance.

Businesses can then consider why their target audience stopped where they did and find opportunities to convert potential customers to sure buyers. It is crucial for businesses to understand whether their checkout process was a bit too slow, the buttons in emails for calling clients to action were not very compelling or the pages where the buttons led clients caused a loss of interest. Finding the parts of marketing campaigns where leaks and lost opportunities occurred can help companies improve their marketing efforts and lead to a higher conversion rate of potential customers.

Last but not least, business owners can focus on testing different marketing strategies to identify which one works best for their business. According to Business2Community, “Not only is testing beneficial to the whole world in determining who among us has the COVID-19 virus; it is also something that is very helpful in your online marketing efforts. As mentioned earlier, you may be losing conversions because your call-to-action buttons do not inspire much action. So, why not experiment on different call-to-action statements to be sent out to different people and see which among the statements gets more responses? Aside from call-to-actions, you may also do split tests on email subject lines, headlines, copy, images and even colors. You may do tests of your websites, email campaigns and even social media posts.”

Those interested in learning more about marketing and letting their businesses thrive during the current COVID-19 situation may check out All Systems Go Marketing’s website for more details. The digital marketing team may also be reached for further information.

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Thursday, 14 January 2021

All Systems Go: How To Stay Active In Digital Marketing This COVID-19 Season

All Systems Go Marketing, based in La Mesa, California, has taken the initiative to advise the local community on how to stay active in digital marketing during the COVID-19 pandemic. The digital marketing agency, which has been active since 1999, chose to address this topic in a blog post published on their official website.

The post begins by addressing the current situation, stating that, “The business climate may be dire and will continue to be seemingly hopeless in the near future. With people advised to stay home and most brick and mortar businesses forced to close, the only wise and safe move for companies to do right now is exercise a lot of patience and wait for the situation to improve before emerging out of your safety zone and getting active in business again. But is this really the best way to go — to do nothing and wait it out?” The company acknowledges that, given the current situation, running a business physically is a difficult task. Instead of waiting it out however, the company recommends developing one’s digital marketing platform instead in order to take advantage of any opportunities that may emerge.

The agency states that, “There are some things in your digital marketing checklist that you may want to act on precisely because we’re in a crisis situation. Act on them now and take advantage of the opportunities that may emerge.” The first suggestion in the post is to redesign one’s website. A website audit can only do so much, and there may be many issues concerning a business website. If this is the situation, then the post recommends redesigning one’s website. To quote the post, “If you are thinking that a redesign would mean tweaking the aesthetic elements of your website, including the fonts, the background colors and the graphics, you are only scratching the surface.”

According to All Systems Go Marketing, a website redesign goes beyond the look of the website. One would need to consider the effectiveness of its various elements, such as the landing pages, call-to-action, the voice and the presence of too much text, among other aspects. One would also need to do a website redesign if the information on the site is not as current or relevant to the target audience. The links should still be functional, and the website needs to be easy to navigate. Just like one would regularly update social media channels to stay current, a business website too must be updated in the same manner.

The second suggestion is to go back to content marketing. The post elaborates that, “In these uncertain times, everyone is worrying, especially your customers. If you don’t communicate with them effectively now, chances are they won’t really remember you when the situation improves.” The company recommends taking this opportunity to assure customers that they are not alone in struggling through the pandemic, and that one’s business is there to hopefully bring them happiness.

All Systems Go Marketing stresses the importance of being understanding, empathetic and to not fall into the temptation of overly pushing one’s products and services to their customer base. Overt marketing and sales effort during the pandemic will only leave a negative impression within the community. A business must make an effort to not be seen as an immoral or opportunistic company.

The post also suggests that one should focus on social media strategy. To quote the post, “There has never been a more obvious time for social media to assert its usefulness among businesses than in times of crisis, as we have been experiencing nowadays. Your social media assets are the most convenient platforms for you to provide your customers with updates and not lose touch with them.” It is always best to be prepared with a strategy to manage one’s social media tools. The post recommends planning the consistency of messaging, scheduling of posts and how one’s business should adapt with the changing lockdown and pandemic situations. To quote the company, “If you still want more ideas on what your digital marketing efforts can accomplish during this time, All Systems Go Marketing has your back.”

Since 1999, All Systems Go has focused on working for and partnering with small to mid-sized businesses. To quote the website, “Our goal is to provide accountable, high ROI Digital Marketing services that give you what you’re looking for — clients and deals.” The company’s methods are based on the latest Social Marketing research, proven search engine performance, algorithm analysis and real results. They work with clients that are strongly devoted to driving sales.

To learn more about All Systems Go Marketing and the services they provide, one may visit their website. For further inquiries, one may contact the company directly via phone or email.

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Wednesday, 13 January 2021

Get More Impact for Your Digital Marketing Moves in 2021

You may be reading this in December, which means you only have a few days to enjoy this dreadful year of 2020 before plunging on to a hopefully better new year of 2021. And with the coming of the new year comes new hopes and increased speculations that 2021 will be a return to a more active business environment. That means that you need to think of how you can reverse the losses you experienced in 2020 and advance your business with the new year. the question is, have you thought of marketing strategies and plans to elevate your business to the top or are you still reeling from the blows that 2020 has dealt to your business? Well, not to be a party pooper, but now’s the best time to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, leave the pity party that is 2020, and move on to better things in 2021!

So, what’s your online marketing strategy in 2021? You may realize that even in these uncertain times we live in due to the pandemic, you notice some businesses still killing it as their content has become viral, engaging consumers even if most of them are holed up in their homes, afraid that they might catch the virus if they step out and socially interact with the rest of the world. Take note though: These viral content products didn’t just come out of thin air. They are products of careful planning, agile action, and timely decisions where everything aligned – the content, the goals of the company, its voice and tone, and the interests of the audience.

So, if you have decided that this coming year will be the year your business makes a splash with your online marketing efforts, consider three strategies that have proven themselves to be effective to a number of businesses that have implemented them in the past years. Take your pick from account-based marketing, collaboration, and turning your customer base into evangelists for your business.

Considering ABM

A high-impact marketing strategy you may consider is ABM or Account-Based Marketing. This marketing approach includes marketing initiatives and programs that are personalized and highly targeted to specific accounts for your business to grow. When you implement ABM, you must treat every client or account as an individual. Thus, marketing to each accordingly will be different – no approach is the name to every individual.  The content that you use for one potential client is different from another potential client. Challenging, yes. Rewarding, yes as well. Your potential clients may feel that you really know their individual needs and concerns, so your efforts will likely put you in their favor. Measuring the success of ABM strategies can be a bigger challenge, though.

Why is measuring ABM proving to be so difficult for firms? In part, it could be due to an over-reliance on lead-based metrics making it difficult to measure the effectiveness of an account-based approach.

Marketing-qualified leads (MQLs) was found to be the second most common metric tracked in this year’s study (revenue was #1). Only 29 percent of firms are measuring Marketing-qualified accounts (MQAs), and the vast majority (57 percent) haven’t even started to measure.


Stop, Collaborate, Listen, and Win!

One of the lessons this pandemic has reminded businesses is that there is, indeed, strength in numbers. When your business finds a partner that you can collaborate with, try to milk it. The benefits of partner collaboration abound – you get a bigger audience with the expanded reach of your partner’s. Moreover, costs can also be decreased because you are working with another entity that may be willing to invest financial resources for your collaborative efforts to bear fruit. Alas, a collaborator will also expose you not just to a new audience but also different perspectives and insights that you may not have considered when you were only working by yourself.

If you’re new to B2B channel partner marketing or your company is smaller, consider starting with a simpler partnership. If the partnership works out well, you can try moving up to a more involved agreement.


Use your users to spread the word

Making customers evangelists of your business is very impactful, as they will most likely lead you to more potential customers who will also spread the word about your business, and so on and so forth. To be successful in this marketing strategy, you need to be successful in three sections: attracting customers, engaging with them, and delighting them so much that they will shout the name of your business to the high heavens. If you are considering this strategy, remember to strengthen your customer service, don’t leave your customers out in the cold, and provide them with an amazing product or service.

Unlike salespeople, brand evangelists have no self-serving reason to promote a brand. They’re not receiving a commission, and they’re not paid to advertise – They’re just passionate! Consequently, when a superfan shares the advantages of your brand, potential customers are more likely to seriously consider their recommendations.



Get in touch with us for more strategies on high impact online marketing moves.

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Wednesday, 6 January 2021

Making Your Online Marketing Pitching Work

Depending on where you live, you may have already been working from home for at least eight months now. With the cases of COVID19 skyrocketing every single day and the best-case scenario for the release of the vaccine still weeks away, it may be safe to conclude that we will still be spending the remaining weeks of 2020 and even the start of 2021 working in our pjs, in the comforts of home. If that is the case, then you may already be a master in the art of presenting anything and everything, from monthly reports to marketing pitches, right? Right?

Or maybe you are still finding this entire scenario ridiculous and long for the days when you can see your boss or your prospective client face-to-face when you are throwing some ideas to them on how to effectively market their businesses online. Do not worry though, because you may not be alone in that. So many marketers, especially those employed by agencies are more at home with the practice of wooing clients by pitching to them in person. Gone are the days of firm handshakes, casual small talk, and after meeting drinks with teammates when you get to sign your client (or get a yes from your boss). Now, everything has to be done online. Hopefully, you have already found your rhythm and gotten used to it. If not, here are some tips on acing virtual pitches that should result in equally satisfying results as when you are doing in-person pitches.

The prep work

As in when you are doing in-person marketing pitches, you need to do a lot, if not more prep work when presenting pitches virtually. You need to be comfortable with the tech-related aspects of your presentation, such as sharing your screen so that everybody will see your presentation deck, as well as with troubleshooting possible tech difficulties in a virtual meeting, such as poor video, no audio, video and audio not in sync, and choppy video or audio because of intermittent Internet connection.

of course, you also need to diligently prepare the pitch itself. Map out the portions where you will be sharing your screen, when you will need to see your audience (a must in your pitch’s Q&A portion) and you need to determine the length of your pitch, obviously. There are a lot of behind-the-scenes action in virtual meetings and you cannot afford to have a bored audience who might get distracted by a family member, the antics of noisy neighbors, or even passing vehicles.

Finally, part of your preparation would be to know your audience intimately well. A lot of sensory cues are not readily available in virtual meetings, so you might miss changes in facial expression, uncomfortable noises because everybody is on mute, and body language. If you know your audience very well, you will be guided on how to roll out your pitch effectively.

Look at the demographics of where the person is likely to live, how much income she has, what her priorities are and what other types of products and services she is likely to be interested in. Knowing your customer allows you to create an online script and production that will make her feel connected to your business and likely to buy from you.



As with an in-person pitch, practice makes better pitches. Your pitch being a virtual one will be more of an advantage since you can record yourself rehearsing and the recording will be like the experience your audience will have on your actual presentation. In fact, do several recordings of your practice so that you can have a back-up of your actual pitch. That way, if things on your pitch day become a series of unfortunate events, then you have the option of just actually playing your recorded pitch. You can give yourself some peace of mind knowing you have a back-up when virtual sh*t hits the fan.

Plan to do more run-throughs with your team than you might for an in-person presentation. Not only does it take longer for everyone to feel comfortable with the technology, but you also want your team to be aware of what everyone ELSE on the team is planning to say.


Best practices on D-Day

On your actual pitch, make it a point to be as spontaneous and lively as possible. The format is already virtual, so the human interaction element of your pitch is already diminished. You don’t want to treat your audience to an overly rehearsed pitch that may get into robotic and artificial territory.  The suggestion above of playing your rehearsal during your pitch is just for worst case scenarios involving technical failure. It is still best for you to pitch clearly and naturally and your audience deserves nothing less.

Create bullet points to help stay on track, but don’t read from a script because that can easily come across as flat and boring. Spinato tapes his notes higher than his computer screen’s camera so he can look up to reference them during a virtual pitch without appearing too scripted.



Want more tips on effective online marketing? Send your concerns our way.

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Wednesday, 30 December 2020

Are You Ready to Get Into Marketing Automation?

As a marketer or in some cases, the one-man team of your business, your life is bound to be hectic. Answering gazillions of emails, having to tend to customers, and toying on some ideas to generate leads do not cover even a quarter of the things that you need to do in the name of growing your business. Thank God we are already living in the digital age and thus, there are tools and technology that should aid us by making some of these tasks simpler. But then, because everybody knows about these tools already, expectations are heightened anew, especially that of customers who feel that their concerns need to be addressed the millisecond they communicate it to a customer service professional.

Such is the double-edged sword that marketing automation entails. The tools and technology mentioned above are part of marketing automation. For example, a website visitor setting up an account in your website gets to use your website and take advantage of your products of services immediately after successfully setting up that account. No need to visit your office! No need to email (or fax if you are stuck in the 1990s) membership forms! Everything is automatic!

But as mentioned earlier, the extensive use of marketing automation technology has also spoiled all of us in the worst way possible. We get paranoid if we don’t receive a confirmation email of the purchase we finished 10 seconds ago. Were we duped? Did we visit a scam online shopping site? If we keep on hitting the unsubscribe button to an email, we don’t want to receive anymore, why do we still keep on receiving emails from the same company? Has our email been hacked?

As a marketer, you need expert degree knowledge of marketing automation. After all, these tools are available to compliment your current marketing efforts.

The pros of marketing automation

With marketing automation, we save time. tedious tasks we try to avoid as marketers get done efficiently. This is especially true in gathering information on leads. Moreover, with marketing automation, we get to take care of those leads en masse while still making each and every lead feel as though we’ve personalized our customer care efforts.

Marketing automation makes it possible to improve your marketing. You can create several processes that allow you to pinpoint and develop your leads. The software has the capability to enable you to visualize the process sequence and adapt it where necessary to make it more efficient.


The forms of marketing automation

Marketing automation comes in many forms. There’s the most common form, email marketing automation which removes routine tasks such as welcoming new customers (hi, thank you for creating an account on our website), purchase confirmation (you’ve bought five flower arrangements charged to your credit card), and re-engagement (hey, we missed you on our website for months, come visit us!) away from your to-do list as a marketer. There’s also social media marketing automation, which marketers can use in a variety of tasks, from scheduling the release of content in their company’s social media assets to giving automatic responses to users engaging with their chatbot after office hours. There’s also advertising automation, which tails (or for lack of a better term, stalks) web users into reminding them of things they have searched on websites by releasing ads of those things in the new websites the stalked user has visited. There’s also mobile marketing automation where customers receive SMS blasts in public places to “inform” them of sales and promotions near them. Finally, there’s CRM automation that is heaven-sent for marketers as if practically does what marketers are supposed to do manually – from scoring leads to sending information of these prospects to the sales team.

A good CRM program will aggregate customer data in one convenient space (often referred to as the dashboard). Marketing team members can quickly access relevant customer data such as email addresses, phone numbers, location and other demographics. They can also see where a specific lead is currently at in the sales funnel, which allows the marketer to send out relevant marketing materials to guide that lead to conversion.


Should small businesses get into marketing automation?

Alas, the question for SME owners. Marketing automation that is done right unfortunately doesn’t come cheap. If you have the budget, go ahead. If you don’t, it is best you save up for it. Do not dabble into those free versions of marketing automation software that might do more harm than good for your business.

A marketing automation software is not only going to house your contacts in an organized fashion, but will also let you move them through the sales pipeline, from lead to customer. With a software like this, the process can be automated– the contact can be moving from stage to stage based on their clicking and opening behavior, you only need to be alerted when they have become a “hot” lead or opportunity so that you can follow up with them.



For more information on how you can make marketing automation work for you, get in touch with us.

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Tuesday, 29 December 2020

Local SEO Provider Posts Blog on How Businesses Can Take Their SEO Game Plan to The Next Level

All Systems Go Marketing, a La Mesa, CA-based HVAC digital marketing services provider, has just posted a blog on their website regarding how heating and air service providers can take their SEO game plan to the next level. They know the right way to do this because they have been helping to make HVAC companies the marketing leader in their areas for several years now. They use SEO methods that adapt to the times and when combined with extensive social marketing research it enables them to design impactful digital marketing plans for their HVAC customers.

The company’s new blog post commenced by saying that every business knows exactly how important SEO is today because of the amount of time that people spend in front of their computers and looking at their smartphones and other gadgets. That’s why businesses have to find ways to use SEO to their advantage so they show up in internet searches before other HVAC customers in their area. All Systems Go Marketing’s goal is to help their heating and air customers show up on the first page of search providers such as Google and even better yet help them show up number one. The company can do this because they have over 20 years of experience in the field designing campaigns from bottom up.

It went on to say that few fields in the computer world change as often as search engine optimization. The blog also mentioned that at one point in time SEO was totally in the hands of content marketers but that has changed drastically. Now successful SEO game plans often fall under the site developer’s duties and the more tech-savvy individuals that they have working for them. This is something that started to come into play in 2017 when such things as machine learning that uses algorithms became more complex. That has resulted in SEO creation becoming more technical in nature than ever before. This means businesses that do not have dedicated digital tech specialists working for them will have trouble coming up with successful SEO campaigns. The article stated that’s where expertise like All Systems Go Marketing provides can prove invaluable for those businesses that want to improve their online search ranking.”

In the newly posted article, it went on to say that at All Systems Go Marketing they start helping formulate an SEO game plan for their clients by doing three steps. The first is designing websites that use a competent user interface such as Google’s reputable ‘Mobile-geddon’. The blog stated that they also do comprehensive analytics of the websites that they create to assess what is working and what needs to be changed. It’s also important for them to fine-tune a client’s social media presence because it does not do any good to have such things as Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter if people cannot easily find a business on them.

The blog also talked about the reality that very few businesses have the ability to survive if they do not have an impactful SEO strategy. That’s why it’s important for digital marketing companies such as them to also be connected with such well-known SEO services as Big Surf Digital. The importance of this in helping their HVAC clients stay visible and improve their search rankings cannot be emphasized enough. It says this is especially true now that the use of mobile devices has taken over online product and service searching and even the completion of the purchasing process. The newly posted article also talked about the need for website content to be relevant and of high quality but added even this is not good enough unless backed up by an effective SEO game plan. As the blog post wrapped up it talked about how if a company takes their SEO seriously, this can be a major step toward growth and expansion. For those who wish to see this All Systems Go Marketing blog article in its entirety, they can refer to

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Wednesday, 23 December 2020

Facebook Ads: A Refresher

We have talked a lot about Facebook and the varied ways the platform has been used by digital marketers over time that it may take you a lifetime if you are trying to consume all the content produced that are related to these topics. Marketing on Facebook is perhaps one of the most discussed and written topics in the field of online (and specifically social media) marketing that everything about it has been analyzed and nitpicked that you might even consider it to be overkill already.

The one thing most people tend to overlook is to analyze Facebook marketing in the current business climate. Yes, we all know that Facebook Ads are the bomb. Yes, we all know that businesses spend a lot on them. But the common theme in discussing Facebook marketing is that a lot of people in the discussion still sound like they are talking in 2016. Reality check: So many things have happened since the platform’s domination.

While it is true that thousands of new users join Facebook every day, millions have also deleted their account due to data privacy and security concerns. The platform’s reputation has taken a hit since it cannot seem to shake off its reputation as a fake news mongering network. Its founder Mark Zuckerberg has been a regular guest to various senate inquiries and congress hearings. Facebook has allegedly been used by the Russians in their involvement in the 2016 elections. Amidst the pandemic this year, several big brands have launched a boycott against the platform, withdrawing millions of their ad budgets unless Facebook adapts more stringent measures on information verification. Yes, we may have to re-discuss the topic of Facebook marketing’s effectiveness in light of all of these.

So, do Facebook Ads still work?

We may have already enumerated some changes that happened through the years with Facebook, but perhaps the single-most-important event that happened to the platform that ultimately affected users is its shift from organic to paid posts. Facebook’s algorithm made it more difficult for businesses to reach their entire audience from its organic posts alone, as the platform decided to favor posts from businesses only if they are paid. In fact, a report claimed that only 6.4% of a page’s total followers will see an organic post of a business page, which leaves serious marketers who want to maximize the platform to go for paid Facebook ads.  As to the effectiveness of Facebook ads, consumers have become okay with it, as long as it doesn’t interrupt their usual experience of seeing updates from their friends, family, and social contacts. This must be better compared to YouTube users who constantly complain about how the ads disrupt their experience of watching videos.

Consumers have become more informed and savvy about the way they use the Facebook platform. And consumers have grown tired of the advertising that interrupts their Facebook experience.


The one ingredient of a successful Facebook Ad

If you are invested in Facebook marketing, you need to realize one thing: the platform is most successful if used as a tool to increase brand awareness. Facebook is now primarily a platform to roll out ads, not really anything else. So, while it is true that there is also engagement and relationship building between brands and customers, the most effective area of Facebook is its ability to let everyone using it knows about the existence of your business. Know that, set your expectations, and work around that fact for an effective strategy.

As businesses shift to online, dig into the holiday season and adapt to the new normals of the coronavirus pandemic, it becomes even more important to find ways to make your brand stand out. If you’ve started establishing an online presence throughout COVID-19, you’ll also want to think about how to create strong brand awareness both online and offline.


Know your options and limitations

Another factor you have to master to be effective with advertising on Facebook is the various ad formats and their limitations. Knowing how big and how many characters you can put in an ad would allow you to maximize the platform, lest you run the risk of ads that get chopped because you used a photo that’s too big or text that has been cut because you passed the character limit.

If you don’t keep all the above points in mind, then you are vulnerable to having your ad cropped at the wrong places. Not only would it make you look like a brand that has no clue what it is doing, but you also will not be able to get any sales if your ad looks shoddy.



Talk to us if you want to reconsider some Facebook ad tactics you want to be implemented on your business’ marketing efforts.

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