Wednesday 12 May 2021

Take Note of These Local SEO Pointers

Are you interested in trying your hand on local SEO for your business? Here are some tips on doing it right.

Patience is a virtue in local SEO
The thing about local SEO is that the results that you will reap from putting your efforts on it will eventually be yielded to you, with emphasis on eventually. You cannot expect your local SEO efforts to bear fruit overnight, days after, weeks after, or even a month after your initial salvo. There are three things that you need to get the ball rolling when it comes to your local SEO and social media efforts: strategy, perseverance, and time - all of which takes patience. Imagine, national and multinational brands take substantial time for their accounts to take off and make a difference in their businesses. If these big brands need to exercise patience before seeing any changes in their companies, how much more with your local business?

Having said that, there is indeed a need to invest substantial effort for your local SEO and social media to pay off. If you're doing this because everybody else is doing it and you have serious FOMO (fear of missing out) without identifying a real strategy tailor-made for your business, then you need to set your expectations at a minimum.

Before you start running reports, decide which metrics matter to you and your business. Don’t get caught up on “vanity metrics” — metrics that make you feel good but don’t help you make decisions, take action, or judge value. While it’s tempting to obsess over followers and likes, those metrics don’t necessarily serve your business goals. For instance, local businesses get more out of a small, local following than a large following that includes people who will never visit the businesses’ physical stores.

Local SEO and Social Media = Local Content
There is that temptation to pattern your content such as our promotions, articles, messages, etc. after the established brands, because you're thinking, "If these types of content worked for them, it surely should work for you as well." However, to totally base your messages and content on these multinational companies is a huge risk to local businesses because these messages may actually alienate your audience instead of making them identify more with your brand. The purpose of your content, whether on social media or on your website, is to make your business more relatable and relevant to the needs of your target audience, which is ideally the people in your locality. You may not necessarily be successful with that if your messaging is almost copied from big brands. Content marketing is a vital component in local SEO, so make sure to make your count.

Only 30% of small businesses have an SEO optimization strategy, which means over two-thirds are neglecting this vital marketing tool. SEO is crucial to help your blog rank high in search engine results for specific queries and terms, helping more people to discover your content.

Local social media needs to be regular
To make sure your social media assets stay relevant to your target audience, you need to make sure that you post regularly. Absence in the case of local SEO and social media efforts does not really make your target audience's hearts grow fonder of you; in fact, you might run the risk of them forgetting you if they do not see you that active in sharing content on your social media platforms and website.

If you think that you don't have the perseverance to stick to a schedule when posting content to your social media accounts, don't worry. There are social sharing apps that will allow you to make a ton of social media posts and automate them so they will be posted on a regular schedule.

But having said those points above, you still should make it a point that you post relevant matters as elaborated in the second point earlier. Do not sacrifice quality for quantity. Make sure you strike a balance between the quality of your posts and how regular your posts are.

Your social media posting frequency shouldn’t be overwhelming, and it shouldn’t be fluffy. Think about it this way: you shouldn’t be posting just to prove that you have a presence. It is always better to have no presence than to have a negative, dated or out-of-touch existence on social media. If you’re wondering how often to post on Instagram, Facebook, or any other social platform, note that it may actually be better to do less on social.


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