Monday, 30 November 2020

Social Media Marketing Expert: How To Give Your Business A Visual Edge

La Mesa, California digital marketing specialist All Systems Go Marketing is taking steps to help their community learn how to give their online businesses a visual edge. All Systems Go Marketing has made a name for themselves by providing exclusive digital marketing services for HVAC companies.

Craigt Wright of All Systems Go Marketing says, “If you are a small business that is just getting started with online marketing, you need to know that the field is very saturated and very competitive. Even with the best products and unmatched service, you’ll still find that if you are not utilizing effective SEO strategies, you’ll end up being an unknown to the denizens of the Internet. The battle for customer recognition and search engine rankings is so competitive that you need to have a tight grasp of all of your content. The good news is that if you have a lot of visual content, learning how to take full advantage of it can give you the edge you need.”

In a blog post titled ‘Get Your Online Biz a Visual Edge,’ All Systems Go Marketing lists a few ways visual content can be developed and optimized to maximize the benefits they bring to a business. The company warns that there still needs to be a fair amount of work done to optimize visual content assets, given that high ranking visual content cannot be made up of a few royalty-free images and last-minute copy plastered on the website.

All Systems Go Marketing points out that, while posting images can improve a website’s aesthetics, it won’t help the website’s ranking in search engines if they are not relevant. Users want to see images that are relevant in addition to being interesting. A 2018 study proved that people tend to spend more time reading content and interacting with a brand if there are more relevant pictures included.

Another method suggested by the company is to use video. While text is still the predominant form of content on the internet, videos have been catching up. In fact, data shows that video has been proven to be very effective in conveying messages and making users act, with 2015 figures revealing that over $7 billion USD has been spent by companies just to be successful in online video marketing.

The company also points out that memes can be a great way to stand out in the eye of users. The blog post reads, “Visual content is very relatable, and if you want to take this reliability angle further for your business, there’s nothing more that can help you with that than memes. They are relatable, they are fun, they are likable, and the best part of this is those who like your memes can share them. That could be a possible viral opportunity for you. So, why not use this chance for more traffic to your advantage?”

While these are relatively straightforward, All Systems Go Marketing also suggests the use of both infographics and visual social media. According to the company, the best social media platforms for visual content are Pinterest and Instagram. In addition to focusing more on visual content, these platforms also have a number of tools businesses can utilize to rank higher, such as utilizing image captions as title tags. The blog post also points out that quality relevant hashtags can also give a brand added attention, which in turn (with the right strategy) can turn to sales. Because these platforms also allow businesses to have a dedicated business profile, a brand can easily build a presence.

Further, while infographics are not commonly in use today, All Systems Go Marketing points out that this is not necessarily a drawback. The blog post reads, “the internet is not overly saturated with infographics, so it may be a good time to revisit this content form and use it to your advantage. Infographics are chock full of information that has a huge potential of being shared by information-hungry users, including bloggers who will refer you for the infographic while they get good quality content.” More information about using visual media to spruce up websites can be found in the full blog post.

Those who want to learn more about All Systems Go Marketing and the variety of digital marketing services provided by the company are welcome to visit the company's website to get started. Additionally, All Systems Go Marketing maintains a presence on Facebook where they frequently post updates, share media and communicate with their clients. In addition to Facebook Messenger, interested parties can also email or phone the company’s representatives directly to get in touch.

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Wednesday, 18 November 2020

Digital Marketing Specialist Shares Insight On Building Good HVAC Content Marketing

All Systems Go Marketing (ASGM), based in La Mesa, California, recently published a blog post which explores the building blocks of content generation. The blog post, titled ‘Know These Three Content Building Blocks,’ is meant to educate the community on how to boost their businesses using online content. The company specializes in HVAC Digital Marketing Services, and they are utilizing their blog post to share some of their experience and insight.

Today, the vast majority of businesses (if not all) are attempting to get involved in e-commerce, which is already crowded with companies that made this move in the internet’s relative infancy. As a result, they are all implementing strategies to try and get more attention turned towards their business. Once a company is successful in having a larger community notice their business, ASGM’s post asserts that they will then, “try their darndest to convert them into paying customers who will actually buy the business’ product or service.” For the first step of getting more people to visit a website, one must have effective SEO strategies.

The company notes that, “SEO has been practiced for more than 20 years already, which means almost all businesses have some form of SEO practice in their online marketing arsenal.” This is why creativity and strategy are important for success. If one wants to achieve top-notch SEO ranking, one must try unique methods to mix it up with varied types of content. The post goes on to reason that, “After all, having only one kind of content may at most appeal to only one type of audience. With different content formats, the chances of attracting different kinds of audiences is higher, which then exposes your business to more people and increases your chances of making a sale.”

One important factor to consider is social media. Content on social media becomes most effective when it adapts so that it is relevant with the times. Social media users rely on their accounts to stay informed with what is trending in contemporary culture — thus staying relevant is a necessity for any business that looks to succeed in the modern world. Although this type of content is not causally related to search ranking results, having a company’s social media assets perform well will contribute to its brand recognition, which in turn will positively impact SEO efforts.

Another benefit of social media is that content can be created in a short time. Although some content, particularly visual media like videos and photos, need to be original and subject to editing and other procedures, content which is text based can be easily recycled or modified for use on social media platforms. Text content on a brand website and blogs can be promoted on social media through links as well. The post emphasizes that, “social media works much more effectively for those businesses that have a strong understanding of their current customer base and/or have a strong understanding of the market they want to target.”

Podcasts have also gained popularity because they are readily available and are easily consumed by existing and potential consumers. Users can listen to podcasts while they are doing housework or running errands, making it convenient for many. If a brand is interested in creating podcasts to promote products or services, the post elaborates that one, “should have an easy time producing them because you will be just writing relevant content and recording a reading of what you wrote.” Podcasts are effective because they are traffic magnets, which usually have a positive impact on search engine rankings.

Case studies are also an effective strategy as consumers are often searching for real data — as opposed to unreliable or fake news. A case study which gets traction with other websites, particularly news sites, will help ensure SEO results start climbing quickly, which in turn boosts credibility. To quote the post, “case studies are stories. They involve characters, conflict and resolutions, and all of that showmanship brings your product or service to life. Without them, you can’t illustrate the ways your product can be used. Instead, you’re merely depicting the basics like where, when and how your service came to be. While that information is important, stories are a more powerful way to activate the brain and persuade someone.”

To learn more about the digital marketing insights and services offered by the company, one may visit the All Systems Go Marketing website. One can also contact the company directly via phone, email and their social media platforms.

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Thursday, 12 November 2020

All Systems Go Marketing Sheds Light On Content Marketing

La Mesa, California digital marketing provider All Systems Go Marketing is reaching out to share their newest blog post, ‘Explore More Platforms for Your Content.’ All Systems Go Marketing has made a name for themselves by providing exclusive digital marketing services for HVAC businesses.

Craig Wright of All Systems Go Marketing says, “It’s been a long known fact that content marketing is a crucial and effective strategy for any business trying to make it big in ecommerce, or in fact, any other kind of industry today. However, due to the tried and true nature of content marketing, this means that all social media platforms are saturated with content marketing from all sorts of companies. This oversaturation has led to a new problem for any business trying to do content marketing: it’s hard to stand out now. Then the question turns to whether content marketing is still effective today. The good news is that content marketing is still effective — all you need to do is change your approach a bit.”

In their blog post, All Systems Go Marketing points out the issue is that most popular social media platforms are the ones oversaturated, which means that there are still other avenues that a business can explore where they have the chance to stand out. Companies need to consider platforms beyond Facebook, Twitter and their blog and employ creative thinking to find other springboards that can launch them towards renewed content marketing success.

One such method that the company recommends is targeted email marketing. All Systems Go Marketing writes, “These days, email marketing has become a bit underused, having experienced high popularity in the mid-2000s. With increased security concerns over phishing email scams, it’s no wonder why consumers have shied away from emails. But then, you can jump on this opportunity to send personalized and targeted content to their inboxes and possibly delight your recipients. Emails, after all, can be used to promote or continuously communicate with prospective customers. Carefully managing your email list, making sure it is updated, can help you focus on reaching out to the right people.”

In addition to targeted email marketing, another solid avenue to explore is LinkedIn. According to All Systems Go Marketing, if business owners are not active on LinkedIn, they are missing out on a golden opportunity — especially if they have other businesses as their target market. Whereas competition across ‘regular’ social media has become cutthroat, it is not quite the same with LinkedIn. A well-thought out content marketing strategy will allow a brand to market themselves without too much fanfare yet more effectiveness.

The company also points out that annual reports can be a good way to utilize content marketing. The blog post reads, “Another effective method to market your content to other businesses would be annual reports. The official nature of these reports gives a lot of credibility to your company, not to mention prospective business clients can really dive deep into your business. What’s more, annual reports need not be text-heavy. They can also come in video or online presentation formats. Get creative and explore your options on how to present this information in a palatable way to your target market.”

All Systems Go Marketing also writes that earned media can be a great way to boost a business using content marketing. Most contemporary marketing efforts focus exclusively on social media and Search Engine Organization (SEO) that older, tried and tested tactics such as public relations and earned media have sometimes already been set aside. This means that today’s businesses can take advantage of industry publications, and having a PR agency which will use the many channels available to them is a good method to ensure that their brand gets maximum exposure. The full blog post on All Systems Go Marketing’s website has more details about other methods for content marketing along with statistics supporting their conclusions.

Those who want to learn more about All Systems Go Marketing and the variety of digital marketing services provided by the company are welcome to visit the company's website to explore further. Additionally, All Systems Go Marketing maintains a presence on Facebook where they frequently post updates, share media and communicate with their clients. Clients may also email or phone the company directly to get in touch with Craig Wright.

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Monday, 9 November 2020

Are You Ready for Digital Transformation?

A buzzword with so many businesses even before the COVID19 pandemic is digital transformation. It seemed that all brands in the late 2010s were eager to jump into this bandwagon, spending millions of dollars to implement digital transformation programs in their companies. Some of them obviously succeeded, while some ended up with not much to show for their efforts and spending. Apparently, digital transformation is not really a magic pill that, if taken by businesses, will spell out automatic success for them.

So, what is digital transformation all about? Is your HVAC business ready to jump in this bandwagon? Why did some strategies of digital transformation succeed while others failed?

What is digital transformation?

Simply put, digital transformation pertains to the process of utilizing digital technologies in the hopes of improving existing processes in a company. Whether it is a business process, culture, customer experience, and every aspect of doing business, including marketing, of course, should be modified to include digital methods. Thus, when a traditional business gets into the digital age by making everything online and digital, that is digital transformation.

We define digital-ready culture as a shared and mutually-reinforcing set of values and practices that enable high performance in service of innovation and execution in a digitally-enabled business environment.



How should marketing get digitally transformed?

Ideally, marketing should be among the first departments in a company to be affected in a digital transformation rollout. After all, marketing efforts are geared towards customers, who by most part have already adapted to digital media. This is why advertising has already included social media platforms and search engine optimization.   Moreover, the journey of customers these days is already mostly online, especially since shopping for goods in stores has become a thing of the past with the pandemic encouraging people to stay indoors. Thus, a shift is seen for marketers to take their efforts to the digital realm.

A digital transformation in marketing refers to the shift from digital complacency to the active pursuit of digital excellence through the proper usage and optimization of your digital channels.


Why have some companies failed in their digital transformation?

Despite success stories and evangelists proclaiming that digital transformation is a must for most, if not all companies, there are those who have also claimed that their efforts to transform their businesses digitally have not yielded satisfactory results. A lot of these companies that have failed in digital transformation may have failed for particular reasons, but it is safe to say that a lot of them weren’t successful because their strategies were not a product of thorough study. It seemed that for a time, “Digital transformation” was trendy and “the thing” that all successful companies need to do, so everyone jumped in the bandwagon without really considering all factors.  Moreover, some factors should be considered so that future efforts will be successful and what went wrong can be avoided.

Bottom line, being effective at a digital transformation is hard work. Understanding what often goes wrong, and avoiding similar mistakes, is the key to improving on the success rate.


Should your small business join the transformation?

Small companies are usually hesitant to join these shifts in the business world, claiming that they do not have the resources to properly implement them. However, current world events have made these changes necessary, not just some fads that entities may opt not to implement.

"Small businesses are realizing that digitalization is no longer an option, but a matter of survival," Jimenez said. "While the research shows many small businesses are making progress, they should increase focus on digitalizing processes and operations through the use of digital technologies to ensure business continuity and future resiliency."


Your business may be ready for a digital transformation. Get in touch with ASGM and let our experts guide you in successfully taking your business to the digital age.

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Friday, 6 November 2020

HVAC SEO Expert Publishes Shares Insight On Interactive Marketing

La Mesa, CA-based All Systems Go Marketing, a company known for their HVAC SEO services, is taking the initiative to educate their clients and community about interactive marketing. This has led the company to publish a new blog post on their website about this topic, and it is currently accessible to all visitors.

The post establishes that if one is a native of traditional, old-school on-ground marketing, one would be remarkably familiar with the concept of interactive marketing. Brand activation activities and brand ambassadors mingling at trade launch events are just some examples of successful interactive efforts in the field of marketing. The blog post acknowledges that, when considering online marketing, interactive efforts may still be in their early stages. However, they do also show promise. There are already many e-commerce websites that have established interactive marketing campaigns and proved to be successful.

In online marketing, “Interactive marketing arises when events are designed from actions taken by people’s interactions towards a site,” states the company. Most online marketers show appreciation for the content produced by interactive marketing because users get a long lasting experience, “which then causes better brand recall and awareness and increases the chances of these users to share their experiences on social media.” People enjoy experiencing interactive content, while businesses have the advantage of gaining insight about their customers as they get information about what ‘clicks’ with their audience.

The post also discusses some interactive marketing strategies which may prove useful for community businesses and entrepreneurs. The first strategy is text content. While appearing quite basic in nature, given the evolution of technology, it is nonetheless known to always be reliable. Here, one may wonder how a medium as seemingly one-sided as text could be interactive. However, one may be surprised to discover the wide array of text content that can be converted into an interactive format. Some options for interactive text content include quizzes, surveys, polls and embedded calculators. All of these are in text form and will require responses from people, thus making it interactive. The answers received through these platforms can be used to gauge information about the audience, such as, “the demographics to the preferences of the people who engaged with your content,” according to All Systems Go Marketing. “Just like that, you got yourself a lot of data about your target market!”

As one learns about one’s current customer base and builds an audience, one may have to adapt existing business strategies to fit the clientele. Using the information obtained, one may create new offers and engagement opportunities that will help the business retain existing followers while winning the favor of audiences who have never even heard of the brand.

Another aspect is chatbots, and chatbots have long been recognized for their effectiveness in customer service where online marketing is concerned. However, one may also utilize them to improve marketing or even hiring efforts. To quote Hubspot, “If we choose the right path, bots might be the best thing to happen to marketing yet.” Chatbots can be effective interactive marketing tools because they initiate engagement with customers, enable interactions between customers and one’s brand and allow a company to reach a wider audience. Research says that more than 53% of buyers would probably buy from a business that they can communicate with via message.

Interactive videos can also be used to capture a users’ attention. According to the agency, “Interactive videos are more shareable, relatable and engaging compared to their one-way counterpart. Interactive videos can come in the form of live streams where viewers can comment in real-time, webinars where they can ask questions and participate in polls and interactive storytelling videos where users can influence the story by choosing how the story ends.” Video is where brands grab consumers’ attention, and marketers are integrating their brand messages in videos on social media to help users discover and buy their products.

Augmented reality is also a prime example of interactive content, but the post mentions that business should be aware of the high costs associated with this avenue — though they are worthwhile if one’s company has the budget for it. Most augmented reality campaigns are designed for mobile devices as well.

To find out more about interactive marketing and the services offered by All Systems Go Marketing, one may visit their website and preferred social media pages. One may also contact their representatives via phone or email.

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Tuesday, 3 November 2020

Yes, You Can Join the Big Boys on Social Media Marketing

You may think that social media marketing is a field that has already been dominated by the big guys, which therefore doesn't leave room for any small fry like your business. With all the brands promoting their ware on just about every platform - Facebook, Twitter Instagram, LinkedIn, and even nowadays, Tiktok, it seems that there is not a lot of space for small and medium businesses to thrive. So, you might think that for small businesses to spend their already limited resources to a marketing venture that does not really guarantee any return is not a good decision after all.

The thing is, it can also be argued that small businesses will be missing out (by how much, is subjective) if they don’t invest in a social marketing strategy as well. Why? Marketing in social media platforms has become more of a “necessary evil” these days because this is where most consumers are these days. You will not find customers reading newspapers or looking at posters and billboards on bus stops or the subway. Everybody is home for fear they might catch the virus that has been killing people, mindlessly scrolling their social media feeds, and undertaking hours-long Netflix marathons. So, if your business isn’t advertising on social media, it is no exaggeration that you are truely missing out.

But how can an upcoming business with humble resources play and thrive in the arena of social media marketing? Here are some suggestions:

Get SMART with your socmed marketing

When I say SMART, we are not just talking about smart as in sensible, but SMART as in the acronym for specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely. As you are a small business, you need to be very deliberate about your social media marketing efforts, and using this SMART framework will help you in being successful in that respect. As your business is still up and coming, you need to be realistic and strategic on what you expect out of marketing your biz on socmed. If you are setting your sights on increasing brand awareness, a healthy engagement with your following, and lead generation, then you are on your way to your SMART goals.

Social media has the unfortunate reputation of being a time-sink among some critics. By defining goals, you’re able to point to the specific steps and actions you’re taking to meet your business’ needs and justify your role.


Get picky with your socmed marketing

Remember the last time you ate in a buffet-style restaurant? You do not eat all dishes in a buffet spread. It is practically impossible and quite disgusting to make it your goal to have a bite of each item unless you have the goal of getting a serious case of indigestion. This goes the same with social media marketing for small businesses. First, a reality check: you cannot afford to have a presence on them all because you don't have gazillions on your marketing budget. Second, Not all your intended audience is on all social media platforms. After you've set SMART goals for your marketing efforts, know which platform your audience uses and strategize how to best reach out to them using that (or those) platforms. Spread your bets in three platforms the most; the most important thing to remember is to not spread yourself too thin by investing on all platforms available or you will run the risk of not being successful in any single platform.

There isn’t a ‘right’ drink that you have to pair with your meal, and there’s no ‘right’ social network for your industry or business type. What matters most is that you understand your business, your audience, and how social media fits into your digital strategy.


Get diverse in socmed marketing

A common mistake among businesses with social media marketing is that they usually fall off the wagon when it comes to relevance. This is because customers, especially those who follow social media accounts of brands, can get bored when social media marketing efforts of these businesses stay on one note and do not get on with the times. This is not to say that your business should jump on every trendy hot topic that comes, but the key to continuous relevance in the social media world is for content to be varied (consider videos, long-form blog posts, infographics, not just a text posts each and every single time) and if your brand's personality and voice allow, relate to the news of the day. Your audience will feel that your social media is always current and never stale, so they will keep on following you.

Truly diverse and inclusive content – the kind that resonates consciously and subconsciously with your audience – requires far more than an image. It requires thinking more deeply, from your audience research to your team structure, from your style guide to your user experience.


Digital marketing need not be a big business-exclusive venture. Partner with us and we will take your social marketing capabilities to the next level.

Yes, You Can Join the Big Boys on Social Media Marketing was originally published to ASGM