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All Systems Go Marketing Shows Contractors How to Get Free HVAC Leads

All Systems Go Marketing, a digital marketing agency based in La Mesa, CA, has announced that they have recently published a blog post on how HVAC contractors may be able to get free HVAC leads to grow their business. HVAC contractors often depend on word-of-mouth for their marketing. Unfortunately, this means those who are new to the business will not find this marketing strategy to be helpful. The solution may be from Google My Business (GMB), which can be a source of free HVAC leads. To benefit from this, an HVAC contractor will need to sign up for GMB and then get some professional help for digital marketing. For some markets, such as small or rural markets, HVAC contractors don’t even need to be a marketing pro. They just need to be interactive, providing photos, videos and other content to Google.

Craig Wright, owner of All Systems Go Marketing, says, “Consider the Google MyBusiness Listing to be as essential for the starting HVAC business as registering your name is. Or as opening up your business bank account. It’s quite easy, and if you have an Android phone, you can do it in five minutes. So get ‘er done, and give us a call if you need help breaking into the Google Maps pack.”

He adds, “We custom tailor every Digital Marketing Plan specifically to the customer. We look to your business goals to custom build a program that delivers based on your HVAC company's needs.”

All Systems Go Marketing specializes in HVAC business digital marketing. In 2015, they decided to focus exclusively on HVAC, which is the industry where they have had the most success. This also provided them with the benefit of not having to make adjustments every time they need to work for a particular industry. With this focus on just one industry, they were able to gain more successes and their reputation as an SEO company for HVAC businesses grew in both the United States and Canada.

And with All Systems Go Marketing, HVAC contractors will be paying for performance, unlike other SEO firms who require a substantial upfront fee. Instead, they will examine the HVAC website and situation of the contractor and provide a real assessment of what can be done. They will then provide an upfront cost that is relatively small because they plan to maintain relationships with their clients for an average of three years or more. And they also believe in accountability. They don’t offer long-term “locked-in” contracts to clients, which means clients can simply walk away at any time, without any consequence.

The company has HVAC SEO specialists who have the appropriate experience and knowledge regarding the industry. Thus, they are able to develop online marketing campaigns that will really work to improve the specific HVAC contractor’s online presence. They don’t provide one-size-fits-all solutions but performance-driven campaigns that ensure clients will see the impact of what solid SEO can do for the business.

The result of their customized HVAC SEO management process is that they have been able to drive more than 1 million leads since the business was established in 2001. That is equivalent to more than $1.5 billion revenues for their clients.

To kick-start an SEO campaign for a client, a dedicated SEO consultant will be assigned to a particular client who will do an intensive research about the business or brand and the website, including the target keywords for the business. This research will include information about the competitors of the business and the kind of heating and cooling projects that the client considers to be the most rewarding. All of these data will used in developing an effective SEO strategy for the website.

Next, All Systems Go Marketing will help the client with regards to website content, offering suggestions, quality content, and professional copy for the purpose of boosting the website’s ranking and overall growth of the brand. They will then proceed with the optimization and then testing.

Those who would like to get more information about getting HVAC leads may want to visit the All Systems Go Marketing website, their Youtube channel, or contact them through the telephone, or via email.

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Monday, 28 September 2020

All Systems Go Marketing Examines the Importance of Hashtag Techniques in Online Marketing

All Systems Go Marketing, an SEO company with headquarters in La Mesa, CA, that focuses on HVAC businesses, has examined the value of hashtag techniques in its newly released blog post. It is important to note that hashtags can increase engagement, which is regarded as one of the most important factors for achieving success in online marketing. Businesses can use hashtags that are relevant to their brand and use them to reach out to potential customers. On the other hand, a 2020 study had revealed that hashtags on Instagram do not really result in a substantial boost in engagement, especially in certain platforms like Instagram.

Craig Wright, owner of All Systems Go Marketing, says, “If your business engages in online marketing, you need to understand the power of hashtags so that you can harness its strengths, avoid its weaknesses, and possibly use them as part of your strategy to stay on top of your e-commerce competition. To know more about the latest and most effective trends in digital marketing, trust us at All Systems Go Marketing to get you up to speed.”

Indeed, hashtags can be helpful for online marketing purposes, but it is essential to be careful in using only the most relevant hashtags for the business. It is also advisable to only use those hashtags that people actually use and search for. And it is not necessary to include the brand name in the hashtag but instead creatively use hashtags that are related to the specific line of business. For example, hashtags that reference the specific business or brand may be used. And if the connection between the hashtag and the brand is witty or is actually a pun, this may drive more engagement for the business.

Meanwhile, it may not be a good idea to make use of trending hashtags because many businesses are likely to be using them too, which means there would be a lot competition. However, trending hashtags may be used to help posts go viral. If the business can be related to such trending hashtags, it could allow the business to tap into a huge audience and some of them may be interested in the product or service being offered.

All Systems Go Marketing may be able to help businesses in the proper use of hashtags for their online marketing campaigns, which can have their pitfalls. Craig Wright explains their service, “There are a million SEO products out there that can be sold, to be sure, but we don’t sell them. Instead, we offer measurable SEO performance and results. Having worked with hundreds of clients across several industries over our 20 years in business, we understand that when you break it down, results are what our customers are looking for - and we either provide those, or move on.”

Unlike other SEO companies, All Systems Go Marketing does not require a large upfront fee because what clients are paying for is performance. And before specifying an upfront fee, they will first take a look at the client’s website and situation, and then provide an evaluation of what they will be able to do. They only charge a small upfront fee because they usually want to maintain relationships with clients for about three years on the average. This is because digital marketing requires a multi-year approach to ensure consistent online success.

All Systems Go Marketing had been focusing their SEO services for the HVAC industry since 2015. This has allowed them to hone their knowledge and experience for the benefit of this particular industry. This has also allowed them to easily customize their HVAC SEO service based on the specific requirements of a particular company.

The SEO services they provide are results-driven and are designed to optimize ROI. Through the years, they have been able to develop key strategies of how to effectively boost revenue for every client they work with.

Those who would like to know more about using hashtags in online marketing may want to visit the All Systems Go Marketing website, or contact them through the telephone, or via email.

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Free HVAC Leads – How Even Starting Contractors Can Get Them

If you're in the HVAC business, you need leads to make money. Then, you need leads to grow. Once you have your company at a certain level, consistency will be key to your company's growth.

We talk to HVAC contractors all over the country. Many stress the importance of their job skill. Their ability to solve problems when it comes to air conditioning or heating issues.

A very few talk about how great they are at sales.

One of the issues that seems to come up again and again is the "word of mouth"-marketing plan.

Let's just say we're being gracious when it comes to including the word "plan".

But one thing is always true: the newer the business, the less likely that word of mouth will work.

So what should a beginning contractor do?

Google MyBusiness, baby. The web's only truly free source for HVAC leads. See this video for more details:

Now does signing up for Google MyBusiness automatically mean that leads are going to be showered down on you from above?

No. It takes work. Depending on the market, it may take professional digital marketing help.

But in many markets, particularly small or rural markets, you don't need to be a Marketing Pro to succeed.

You do need to be interactive. You do need to give Google as much as you can when it comes to photos, videos, etc.

Consider the Google MyBusiness Listing to be as essential for the starting HVAC business as registering your name is. Or as opening up your business bank account.

It's quite easy, and if you have an Android phone, you can do it in five minutes.

So get 'er done, and give us a call if you need help breaking into the Google Maps pack.

Those leads are free, and often far better than most.

If you're seeking success in your market, it is an absolute, 100% must.

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Sunday, 27 September 2020

Take Your Social Media Marketing to Optimal Levels

Now, more than ever, social media marketing has become a ubiquitous marketing platform for all businesses, big or small. When everybody chooses to stay at home and spend countless hours scrolling through their social media feeds, that's basically a gold mine for businesses to find their potential customers. Moreover, with already existing customers having a lot of time in their hands, businesses have also considered how effective social media is in engaging with them, resulting in strengthened trust and deepened relationships.

And it is in this spirit that we are informing you that even with the robust use of social media in marketing efforts amid the pandemic, there is still a lot of room for the platforms to be used in its optimal potential. When maximized in their use, social media platforms can bring further benefits to your business. So, why not explore how to fully optimize your strategy in social media marketing?

Reaffirm your goal

When you first plunged into social media marketing, I would dare say that your primary reason in getting into it is because everybody else is doing it and you have serious FOMO (fear of missing out) concerns. Now that the pandemic has forced everyone, including you, dear small business owner to take time and not rush into everything, maybe it's high time to reevaluate your goals of rolling out social media marketing campaigns. Do you want social media users to be more aware of your brand? Do you want to generate more leads? Do you want more traffic on your website? Are you more into improving relationships with your existing customer base? Whatever reason you may latch into, take note of that and forget about doing social media marketing just because everybody else was doing it.

For you to have an effective social media strategy, it is important to know what you’re trying to achieve. That means knowing what your social media goals are, and how you’re going to reach them.


Aha! There's my audience!

As mentioned earlier, social media is where almost everyone in this COVID-19-infested world is right now, surely including the community which your HVAC business covers. You will surely find your target audience on social media but take note that not everyone on social media is your target audience. You need to learn to identify who to market to, or else you'll run the risk of wasting a lot of effort, time, and money to advertise to a segment that doesn't need your services after all.

It would be extremely difficult to reach your target audience if you aren't sure who they are in the first place. Playing a guessing game simply isn't good enough; you need to have data to make informed decisions for your business and know exactly who you're catering to. Otherwise, you'll waste time, money and resources marketing to the wrong group of people with little to no success to show for it.


Target and promote your content

One thing you need to remember when marketing on social media is that your audience thrives on variety. You need to keep your content dynamic unless you want to bore the hell out of your audience and lose them. Keep a sense of cohesion through color themes and keeping your tone and voice constant, but mix it up in terms of what content you posts - graphics, pictures, infographics, videos, long-form text - the sky's the limit and your audience will be continuously engaged! Of course, it doesn't end there - you need to promote your content, especially if the goal you have set earlier was to increase awareness of your brand and attract new visitors to your socmed platforms or website. besides, there are a ton of other businesses marketing on social media, so promoting your content via ads will make you stand out.

And just posting a link to your latest post doesn’t work like it used to. To get your target audience to actually see your content on social media, you need to get strategic.


The world of social media marketing may be a bit daunting, which is why you have All Systems Go Marketing to help you with your digital marketing needs.

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Monday, 21 September 2020

All Systems Go Marketing Warns About Influencer Deception in Social Media Marketing

All Systems Go Marketing, a digital marketing agency based in La Mesa, CA, that focuses on HVAC businesses, has issued a warning about influencer deception in social media marketing. This warning was made in a new blog post, revealing that there are unscrupulous people who are out to victimize businesses who want to benefit from online and social media marketing. Because of the increasing power of so-called influencers in social media, cybercriminals are now taking advantage of this trend by pretending to be influencers, with the result that they are victimizing both their followers and businesses alike.

Social media sites like Instagram have made some effort to prevent unscrupulous individuals from deceiving people and businesses. The government, through the Federal Trade Commission, has also issued guidelines for influencers where they have to put a disclosure notice on all sponsored posts. Unfortunately, these efforts have not been as effective as they have been hoped for.

It should be pointed out that the one who is ultimately responsible for influencer deception in Instagram would be the parent company, Facebook. The issue is that in as short as five minutes, any Instagram user can increase his or her followers by just purchasing them. Facebook has tried to put a stop to this practice in 2012 by blocking such users. However, such unscrupulous users have become more advanced in their techniques, and any safeguards against them have not been able to catch up.

The article posted by All Systems Go Marketing advises businesses, particularly those who are just starting with their social media marketing, to simply avoid using such influencers. They need to be alert in spotting the genuine influencers and separate them from those who are not real. There are a number of ways to spot a bogus influencer. One simple way to do this is by checking their follower list and taking a look at the accounts. Many of these accounts will have no display photos, have none or only a few followers and/or no following, are private accounts, and have no posts.

Another potential indicator of bogus influencers is they only a few likes on their photos even if they have 10,000 followers or more. In addition, comments can also be bought, so it may also be a good idea to check for generic comments like “Awesome”, “Great”, “Love it”, “Good job”, and more.

Another way for a business to check if an influencer is real is to request for references. It would like hiring a new employee. The business can ask for references from previous companies and businesses they have previously worked with. It is advisable to ensure that a particular influencer can really deliver before working with them.

Craig Wright, owner of All Systems Go Marketing, says, “Looking for experts to assist you in the highly competitive world of online marketing? Let us at All Systems Go Marketing help you. Get in touch with us about your digital marketing strategy today.”

All Systems Go Marketing has been providing SEO services exclusively to HVAC companies since 2015. This has the benefit of allowing them to become experts on this particular industry. This enables them to easily personalize their HVAC SEO service depending on the specific needs of a particular HVAC company.

The SEO services that they offer to HVAC businesses are results-driven and are focused on optimizing their ROI. Through the years, they have been able to master a number of key strategies for effectively increasing the revenue of each client they have worked with.

And with All Systems Go Marketing, clients will actually be paying for performance. That is why they only charge a relatively small upfront fee. Furthermore, they will first assess a potential client’s website and current situation and determine what can be done for the client, before quoting an upfront fee. They are focused on having a long relationship with each client because online marketing and SEO require a multi-year approach to ensure consistent results for many years.

Those who would like to learn more about social media marketing, its potential pitfalls, and proper use, may want to check out the All Systems Go Marketing website, or contact them on the telephone, or through email.

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What Marketing Stuff Can You Still Work On in This COVID19 Era?

In the current COVID19 lockdown situation, there are two schools of thought, with one camp saying that the business bus has stopped, and therefore, anyone venturing into business must already be established or else, your small business might not make it at all. Then, there's the other camp that sees the current situation as an opportunity for businesses to reassess, change for the better, and get back on track so you can thrive after this crisis has passed.

There are indications that going with the second camp is better, because businesses will always have to face risks, and avoiding just about any risk will only result in stagnation. But then again, we are not saying that you should just throw caution into the wind and take all the risks you can for your business. You still need to practice a lot of caution and consider doing safer and beneficial strategies for your business. Here are some digital marketing activities to implement when the business climate is this uncertain. We hope you do not only lessen your fear and panic but turn the situation into a strengthening era.

Conduct a website audit

The usual practice for most businesses is that once their websites reach a certain standard of high quality, they immediately think that it is okay to rest on their laurels and focus on other tasks. However, websites need regular updates and attention, from their content to the designs, so that they can perform at their best. If your website has been left unattended for a long time, potential customers will take note of this and will think that your business is not worth their time and money. Thus, you need to make sure that your website's content, design, and user experience are all optimized. If you conduct regular website audits, you will see which areas need attention so you can have someone fix them.

If you’re experiencing some downtime in your regularly scheduled programming right now, this time during COVID-19 could potentially be your best opportunity to make a shift in your marketing, specifically, your website.

Get those SMART goals

When trying to stay strong to survive a crisis, it is important for your business to have SMART goals. Without them, you'll be at a loss on whether your efforts, projects, and programs were successes or failures. So, don't forget while the business world is in a "downtime" to set specific, measurable, attainable, and realistic. Because of the uncertainty of our current situation, you may have difficulty in setting time-bound goals, so work on the SMAR elements first.

Some local retail stores and restaurants can open under the social distancing guidelines. But if you depend on the leisure or business travel industries, it may be a while. That “not knowing” makes it difficult for the “time-bound” part of SMART goal setting.

Make your business offerings suit the circumstances

These days, consumers have started to get irritated with businesses advertising goods and services that are obviously still unattainable because of the crisis. Thus, don't push products or services relating to leisure, travel, and things that are quite impossible to do. Look into opportunities to market when your product or service is essential or at the very least, usable to your audience.

It is no longer “business as usual” and many businesses have had to change their strategies from profitable to operable and come up with innovative services in line with new restrictions and emerging demands.

Do you need more guidance on keeping your business alive in these troubling times? We can help.

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Thursday, 17 September 2020

All Systems Go Sheds Light On HVAC Digital Marketing

La Mesa, California based All Systems Go Marketing is reaching out to local HVAC companies to share information about the importance of digital marketing. All Systems Go Marketing is a Digital Services Company that has been operating since 2001. They focus on partnering with small and mid-sized businesses rather than working for large businesses alone. Notably, the agency has been focusing exclusively on helping HVAC businesses, the industry that they have had the most success with, since 2015.

On their official website, All Systems Go Marketing has published a blog post titled “Catching Up With What’s New in Digital Marketing.” The post discusses how people use Alexa to check the weather forecast, check Google reviews to choose a restaurant to go to and watch Instagram and Facebook stories to stay up to date with what is happening with friends. Most people do not think about manually looking for these things anymore as automation has become a regular part of their daily lives. However, automation and social media have a huge effect on how eCommerce works and how brands plan their positioning in the online marketplace. These platforms are changing the industry since businesses are realizing the importance of understanding their customers’ behavior so that they can integrate them in their marketing strategies.

The post also talks about changes in digital marketing as automation has become even more automatic. These days, a lot of business occurs online. However, customers still expect brands to handle their business promptly across all digital outlets. This is possible with the use of various automation tools such as chatbots, and these automation tools can handle customer interactions tirelessly while placing brands in the best possible light. Automation ensures that posts are timely, optimal and consistent. This helps companies maximize their chances for engagement and be more efficient in maintaining a cohesive brand identity.

In addition, companies are now adapting to make their businesses even more personal. In fact, personalization has drastically improved over the past few years. Gone are the days where personalization only involved using the customers’ first names in emails. There is now a demand for personalized content with more targeted email segmentation and customer data collection. However, businesses should take precautionary measures because this demand clashes with the customers’ desire for privacy.

According to other sources, Episerver found out that, while 53% of global consumers want brands to place a higher priority on respecting their online anonymity in 2020, 61% want companies to prioritize personalization as much as they did last year. The figures are based on Episerver’s fourth-annual Reimagining Commerce research report for 2020. The survey of more than 4,000 online shoppers in five countries reveals personalization — when brands use customer data to provide a relevant digital experience to individuals — is a positive approach for both retailers and customers.

Meanwhile, search engine optimization (SEO) has been evolving as well. As a result, what was effective two years ago may no longer be optimal today. Customer data collection is becoming more advanced, and customer behavior is being watched more attentively. Businesses, especially the most competitive ones, will have to rely on SEO efforts that make use of the keenest anticipation of the future in order to stay ahead. SEO also continues to evolve to complement the changes made by the most popular search engine: Google.

Additionally, social media has become more than an avenue for attracting and engaging with customers. It has also become a platform for hosting online stores. Businesses still mostly offer their products and services on their websites but people are buying from social media stores as well. Social media marketplaces shorten the time between customers learning about a business and them purchasing its products.

In fact, according to experts, social media commerce and influencer-generated purchases are both growing. Roughly 20% of consumers bought something directly because of a social media influencer’s product post. The numbers are considerably higher, roughly 50%, for Gen Z and Millennials. In addition, 31% of consumers bought something directly from a social media ad, which was a 10-point gain over last year.

The post ends with an invitation to let All Systems Go Marketing help the reader’s business reap the benefits of online marketing. All Systems Go Marketing bases their methods on the latest Social Marketing research, proven search engine performance, algorithm analysis and real results. They assert that they offer performance and results, nothing else. Interested parties can head over to the agency’s website for more information. Businesses may also connect with All Systems Go Marketing via social media to stay up to date with their news and announcements.

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Tuesday, 15 September 2020

Make SEO And Social Media Work For Your Business

All businesses need to establish an online presence nowadays. Whether you are into direct sales of certain goods or products or provide various services needed by consumers, making use of SEO and social media can take your brand to the next level. Who can afford to pay for traditional advertising and PR, right? Not everyone. Nowadays, social media and SEO can help you boost sales and improve visibility in the digital world without spending a fortune.

Basically, social media promotes your business content, whether they are articles, posts, photos, or videos that promote your business and show everyone what your brand is all about. Meanwhile, SEO or search engine optimization ensures search engines can find your content whenever people type in keywords that are related to your brand. Your goal is to increase site traffic or make your social media account stand out in social networks, so people follow your brand and share to people they know. The various social media platforms work differently from the other although they all act as mediums where virtually everyone on the web can connect and interact with each other.

Occasionally, I’ll hear online marketing experts attempt to describe various marketing strategies in discrete contexts and to an extent, this is appropriate. Content marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing can all be planned and executed separately. You could hypothetically pursue each one as an individual endeavor.

However, it’s far more effective if you use these strategies in conjunction with one another, complementing and enhancing your efforts. Content amplifies your SEO campaign by attracting more links and optimizing for certain key phrases and social media feeds into your content campaign by amplifying its reach. But how exactly does social media play into SEO? Can your social media campaign improve your organic search rankings?

  • Profile information.
  • The power of inbound links.
  • Social media as a syndication platform.
  • Social signals.
  • Influencer marketing and publishing opportunities.

Keys for long-term success.

The bottom-line answer is yes, your social media campaign can and will improve your search rankings, so long as you bear the following best practices in mind for long-term success:

  • Fill out your profiles. 

  • Promote your content via social media (and beyond). 

  • Encourage shares. 

  • Engage with influencers.


While SEO and social media are great tools on their own, they work even better when used alongside each other along with some really great content that talks about what your business does and what it can offer.

Some marketers will point out that Google treats each social media post as an individual webpage, so a link from a social media page would appear to the search engine as a link from a unique page. And that’s true.
But, as Matt also states in that video, Google can’t crawl the entire social web. That means a lot of those links don’t get seen, much less indexed. Even if they did, we know that Google doesn’t weigh all links equally. Social media links are too easy to throw around for Google to take them seriously.

It may be challenging to get your content get noticed on the web but making use of SEO tools and having active social media accounts can boost traffic and drive sales with little to no effort at all. If you want to find out how, check out this link:

How Social Media DOES Help SEO

There are other SEO benefits to a good social media strategy. Many of them are not uncommon or revolutionary:

  Social media is an efficient way to get eyes on your content. If the content is good it will earn real, effective links on other blogs and/or websites when people who see it on social link to it on their websites.

  Traffic from social media can still create good on-site SEO signals. If the content is good (again) it will create click-throughs to other parts of the site, high time-on-site metrics, etc.

  An active social media account increases brand awareness. We’ve all seen ads or Facebook posts that we Googled later.


While most business owners don’t really understand the way these things work, you can always hire SEO and social media experts to help you navigate these often tricky technologies to your business’s advantage. Although social media exposure can mean a lot to any business, it is helpful to remember that not all social media posts get ranked by Google at all. The sheer volume of these social media posts make it impossible (and impractical) for Google to crawl each pages and rank them. Just remember that Google ranking excludes social media when ranking pages but social media can still come in handy in many ways especially if you are great at navigating these sites and know just what posts increases followers and engagements.

The success of your business relies on various factors, and SEO and social media are just one of them so use your resources wisely and learn to set your priorities so you achieve your goal without investing too much time or money that may eventually hurt your business over time.

The blog article Make SEO And Social Media Work For Your Business is republished from All Systems Go Marketing


Tuesday, 8 September 2020

Bringing Life Back to Your Blog

Do you still remember a blog you started in the late 1990s, that together with your Myspace and Friendster accounts, were what constituted your "social media" life back then? Why did your blog fizzle out? What happened that made you lose interest in blogging and led it to natural death? Chances are, other social media platforms got your interest and made your blog more of a chore rather than something that gives you pleasure to maintain. Or your interests may have shifted, have become a different person, and just like someone who cringes while reading old entries in a diary written in elementary school, you found your concerns and issues a tad... juvenile. Trying to forget the embarrassment, you may have just tried to forget all about that blog. Or you may have made a new blog to replace your lame old one, but that too, faded into obscurity.

While all of those scenarios affecting your personal blog is just how life unfolds, this is totally unacceptable when we're talking about your business' or company's blog. A business blog can never be allowed to go un-updated and poorly maintained. An obsolete blog with entries that are not relevant anymore will have adverse effects on your business, particularly on your website's SEO efforts. How can your online store or website rank highly on search engines if your business name is already related to outdated and wrong information that is still available in your unattended blog? Thus, you need to be very careful with maintaining your website's blog by making sure it's always rejuvenated and ready for search engines to evaluate. Here are four ideas to inject some life into your blog, if you've allowed cobwebs to grow on it:

Learn from your previous mistakes

Take a trip down memory lane and remember why your business blog died. Did you get discouraged with the low traffic when you started it? Did you get a lot of hate and negative feedback from an entry you loved to write? Were you dinged from scalping content from other websites and blogs without proper citation? Whatever the reason was, remember it and resolve never to do it once you have a new blog up. As for poor traffic, you must not get discouraged, especially if your blog is still in its infancy. Maintaining a blog is like a marathon, not a sprint. You need time for the search engines to crawl your blog and for you to research and determine what keywords to use and what content is relevant and engaging to your prospective audience.

Have you been feeling unmotivated towards your blog? Is your to-do list growing and growing without any of those tasks getting checked off. Do you just feel stuck?
If so, you might be in a blogging slump.

Always be updated on search engine updates

Search engines, especially Google, regularly update their manner of ranking websites. Always be on the know about these changes so that you can apply what needs to be tweaked on your blog. Don't be easily encouraged if an entry that used to be visited a lot suddenly loses an audience. It might be because of these search engine changes, so your proactive response may just be the thing to bring back those visits.

Given that Google changes its search algorithm frequently, it’s not surprising marketers get confused sometimes.
Speculations about the latest SEO trends run rampant and are a breeding ground for many myths.
For this reason, it’s sometimes difficult to tell fact from fiction.

Check your blog's health

It might be that you kept dishing fresh content, but the template and overall look of your blog haven't changed for 5 years. Were you using the most updated version of your publishing platform? Were your sharing links updated? Did you have entries that contain broken links? Make sure that your blog isn't ill so that your efforts in bringing new life to it won't be in vain.

Content audits keep track of your content, including blog posts, social media posts, events, and web pages, and provide analysis for how they impact audience. Additionally, they can provide insights into how to improve underperforming content, so you know how to properly update your posts for higher conversion rates.

Do you still have relevant and unique content?

A lot of blogs lose steam because the content it houses didn't keep up with the preferences of the readers. Readers can be finicky, and if your blog doesn't keep up with their fast-changing preferences, you will lose them eventually. The best way to keep readers coming back to your blog is to always churn out content that is relevant to them and that they can't find anywhere else. If your articles are about topics that can also be read in a hundred other blogs, how can you expect readers to be loyal to yours?

The best way to make sure your efforts aren’t in vain is to know who you’re writing for. That’s the best way to make sure your articles are generating as much valuable traffic as possible.
So, do you know who’s reading your blog?


If you need more help in getting your blog to work harder for your business, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We are ready to help you succeed even in these challenging times.

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Tuesday, 1 September 2020

All Systems Go Marketing Shares Insight On HVAC Website Optimization

La Mesa, CA based All Systems Go Marketing is pleased to share another blog post with their community in which the agency explores the intricacies of HVAC website optimization. Given that All Systems Go Marketing focuses exclusively on supporting small to mid-sized HVAC businesses, their expertise in the world of SEO makes them invaluable for businesses at this stage of growth. In particular, the agency serves HVAC businesses, and they have been working diligently on their clients’ behalf since 1999.

SEO is the process by which a business modifies their website to rank higher on a search engine results page (SERP). Since a user who searches for a specific term is likely already looking for a specific service or product, using SEO to get to the top of a results page makes it more likely for the business to catch this user’s attention. This in turn makes it more likely that they will patronize the business. As a consequence, many businesses and SEO agencies around the world are constantly doing their utmost to figure out which factors make them more likely to rank higher on search engine results. Given that Google is the most widely used search engine (by an extremely wide margin), most SEO is centered around this platform as well.

In a recent blog post, titled ‘Quality, Optimization, and One More Factor,’ the company states, “For as long as search engine optimization (SEO) has been in existence, the debate on what factor is the most important to rank on the first page, if not claim the top spot, has been ongoing. There are those who say that the quality of content is the most important thing being considered by search engines that affect a website’s ranking. They argue that you will rank on top if you have the best quality posts on your brand’s blog.”

However, this is not the only perspective of the field. Others believe, for instance, that approaching SEO in this manner is ineffective as it grossly oversimplifies a relatively complex and ever-evolving arena, especially since effective SEO requires an application of skill, effort, funding and strategy. Some even argue that considering quality to be the sole determining factor of a web page’s ranking is arrogant since it then implies that any results on the following pages are of inferior quality.

All Systems Go Marketing states, “When what we read is interesting, accurate and contains the information we were looking for, Google knows that because it has tracked how long you stayed in the page and that you reached the end of the page, meaning you finished reading the entire page or article.” The agency says that this certainly contributes positively to the website’s ranking—but it is by no means the only factor involved. In fact, they explain that Google will even ignore quality in favor of other factors in certain circumstances.

The average user may notice this while searching online; they may click on the top link of a results page only to find that the content within it is not up to the standard they expect. The agency explains that this is due to such websites doing better with other factors that contribute to SEO, such as, “keyword inclusion, link building, and for some, money because they appear as paid ads. To conclude, quality is a top factor, along with a number of other factors, never the only factor.”

In All Systems Go Marketing's words, “there is a sweet spot where quality and optimization converge, and that should be the meeting point all content marketers, website administrators and business owners should aim towards.” The blog post also explains how high quality content can be optimized to make it more recognizable for search engines, and therefore make it more likely for the web page in question to rank higher in search results.

HVAC businesses are encouraged to read the article in full to learn more about the factors that can help them take their first steps into search engine organization. More information can be found across the agency’s website as well, and interested parties are welcome to contact Craig Wright of All Systems Go Marketing to follow up on any further inquiries.

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Who’s Your Audience?

So, you have your social media platforms ready and running. You have a Facebook account, an Instagram account, a LinkedIn page, a Twitter account, and you post regularly. It may feel to you like your digital marketing efforts on social media are in full swing and congratulations on that. But then, why aren't you getting traffic? Why is no one reacting to your posts? Do you even know who you are talking to on social media? While having these accounts up and running is half the battle won, not knowing who your audience is will only give you a huge headache.

Your social media target audience is the group that you want to engage with and appeal to in this wide world of social media. By now, you should already realize that you cannot talk, engage, and appeal to everyone on social media. One, the platforms themselves will not allow you to unless you pay them. Organic posting will expose you to a limited audience, and to reach a wide one, you would need to pay. Two, just like the physical market, different people have different needs. For example, why would you want to make your steakhouse business appealing to vegetarian Facebook groups?

Thus, it is important to find that target audience that will "speak your language" and will interact with your business sensibly. So, how will you get the groups who you want your marketing efforts to appeal to?

Do you know your buyer persona?
You first would need to determine your demographic - who your customers as of the moment are. Where are they? Are they working already? What is their age range? How much do they earn? Look at the analytics of your social media and other (e.g., email) campaigns. If you don't have social media accounts yet, you may do man-on-the-street random surveys to see which people are interested in your offerings. Knowing your buyer personas would allow you to think of what their challenges are and which among your products or services will help them the most.

Marketing personas are like the foundation for building your marketing house.
Without personas, how do you know which message will appeal to your target market’s needs?


Where is your audience most active?
Not all social media platforms are equal, at least in terms of their appeal to different people. Adult users in their 50s up or the baby boomers prefer Facebook and LinkedIn more than other platforms. Twitter appeals to Gen Xers and millennials, while Instagram and other more current platforms like TikTok are where Gen Zs are most comfortable with. So, if your services are most useful to the older set, why invest so much on platforms that cater to people still worrying about where they will go to college?

By identifying where your audience hangs out online and narrowing that audience down into unique groups, you can provide the most relevant content possible and connect with the people who want to know what you have to offer.


Peek into the competition
It doesn't hurt to see how your competition markets themselves on social media. Have a look at who their top followers are what hashtags they use, how active they are in answering comments and queries. Facebook allows you on your page's dashboard to check how your competitor's pages are faring in terms of the number of followers and engagement rate. Don’t think that this is sort of an espionage move - you're not trying to destroy them, you're only trying to see and possibly be inspired by best practices.

The best thing about marketing to your competitors' customers is that you already know a lot about them. They share key characteristics with your current customers, so they’re likely to be responsive to many of the same messages.

Are you decided on braving the current business climate and succeed with your venture? Get in touch with us and let us help your HVAC business succeed.

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Wednesday, 26 August 2020

All Systems Go Marketing Offers SEO And Content Marketing For SMEs

All Systems Go Marketing, a digital marketing company based in La Mesa, California, is pleased to share that they provide search engine optimization (SEO) services and content marketing for small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). For twenty years, they have helped clients in southern California as well as the rest of the US.

The agency is aware that most SMEs in America have strongly relied on SEO in order to broadcast their services. Due to the physical distancing measures implemented against the spread of COVID-19 and customers’ complaints regarding inconvenience, they have transitioned to an online workflow. Through this medium, they have continued to advertise their products and improve customer satisfaction.

All Systems Go Marketing also recognizes that many SMEs have encountered very tight competition with other companies. Business owners have had a hard time getting in touch with a sizable audience since their SEO is weak. Not only do they have to contend with about 80,000 searches in Google in just a second, they also have been bombarded by ads that steal a considerable number of customers. According to the agency, it is unsurprising that they have to spend half a thousand dollars every month in order to maintain their publicity and keep competing ads at bay.

In light of these difficulties, the agency is willing to help entrepreneurs improve their SEO through organic traffic. This does not require spending loads of money but rather draws customers to consider their products through enticing content. As a matter of fact, many shoppers have relied on information provided in this manner.

The marketing company strongly recommends that their clients showcase their brands through informative blog posts on their websites. Such posts have been proven to act as effective updates for customers, even answering their most common queries. Other resources include reviews promoting the good qualities of certain products and opinion pieces explaining why their company is better.

The digital marketing agency encourages businesses to put long-form content instead of short paragraphs in their blog entries. This may seem counterintuitive, but this actually creates more backlinks and demonstrates their deep knowledge about their industry. As a result, customers tend to be pleased with the consolidated information, prompting them to share it with more people.

When writing for blogs, it is imperative that company owners allow their viewers to comment. This shows that they are both open to their suggestions and willing to engage with them. SMEs should also write about what is relevant and trending in the industry they specialize in. In addition, they may consider designating a team of writers responsible for regulating all the content. They may even accept articles from outside contributors, like well-known businessmen and businesswomen, in order to project a more influential image.

Another way to boost an SMEs’ place on search engine results pages is by uploading videos (or vlogs) that explain their products and services. This is advised if they want to present content while appealing to their customers on an emotional level. Usually, these videos are published on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and so on. The only challenge here is that owners will need more time to create such media, so they may wish to assign videographers or influencers to do the task on their behalf.

Furthermore, All Systems Go Marketing suggests that SMEs publish infographics and other creative materials. These are capable of not only stating facts but also showing aesthetic value and catching the attention of their audience. SMEs that need to focus on visual appeal instead of information overload may employ infographics. They just have to make sure that they have delegated researchers to help the artists obtain the correct data.

Should they require any assistance with their SEO, SMEs are welcome to reach out to All Systems Go Marketing. The agency states that, “we take a practical, moderate approach to our Digital Marketing projects, concentrating on achieving real goals with excellent ROI. Put simply—we don’t sell services that our clients don’t need.”

Complete details can also be found on the company’s website. Furthermore, business owners may connect with All Systems Go Marketing via social media to stay up to date with their news and announcements.

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Tuesday, 25 August 2020

Is Your Email Marketing Game Still Top-Notch?

Despite the popularity of social media, messaging apps, and other methods of reaching out, email is still very much a top method of communication with some studies claiming that 99% of people with email accounts check their inboxes every single day. With figures like that, it comes as no surprise that digital marketers still consider email marketing as a major component of their overall online marketing mix. But what is a conundrum is that even with email's continued popularity and email marketing efforts still continuing, there's not a lot of success stories with email marketing nowadays. Targets get readjusted every year and ROI projects continue to decrease. Why is there a gap between email use and successful email marketing efforts?

Even millennials and Gen Z consumers say that they prefer getting emails when they receive marketing materials. Thus, we cannot really say that email marketing is dead. So, then, where do things go wrong if the platform is not dead? It must be in the messaging that emails get deleted instead of getting read. So, the manner of the message delivery is not the problem but rather the message and how it is worded.

Are you still using vague subject lines?
Do you wonder why even despite what was earlier said about 99% of people checking their emails daily, your email campaign’s open date is still at 0.2%? It would be impossible that your email's recipients all belong to the 1% of email n on-checkers, but it may be because your subject line game is so weak. Why would you click on an email with a subject line that sounds like it was written for everyone? A personalized subject line would entice the reader to open the email and give your business the proverbial "one foot in the door." Take note of what's relatable to your prospective reader, what will make him or her click the email, and what the reader learns from reading your email. Then, base your subject line on those things. Don't forget it short and simple (and personalized, but we already said that).

Your subject line is your first (and maybe your last) impression on users. In many ways, your email subject line is more important than your email body. After all, a great newsletter is worthless if it never sees the light of day.

Does your email read SPAM?
Put simply, General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) standards are there so that email users are ensured that they have given clear consent to receive marketing emails. When your company complies with GDPR standards, whatever material you send is legal. If not, your email might be received by people who are not interested in your offerings, so it is highly likely that they will complain of your business to the federal authorities. It will also give your company a sketchy reputation.

Naturally, GDPR regulations significantly impact marketing departments, which rely on users' personal data for a wide range of activities. One of the most significant marketing efforts impacted by GDPR is email marketing.

Is your email poorly designed?

There's a high chance that your email doesn't get clicked because your recipients are bored with the emails they get from you. Even if your subject line is interesting, once they open your email and find out that it's in a template you haven't changed in years, they may not be bothered with reading it even if you offer fresh information. Make sure your email design makes people read through the entire email and not dismiss it. Also, take note that a lot of consumers are already more included to use mobile devices when checking email. Thus, if you aren't using mobile-friendly formats, there's a huge possibility that some users will just click on delete.

The future of email design is technologically advanced and excitingly interactive. The best email designs in 2020 will be a perfect combination of impeccable visual appeal and impressive use of technology.

Let's see if your business is still employing some email marketing practices that are already dead. Get in touch with us and let us help you improve your email marketing strategy.

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Tuesday, 18 August 2020

Retain Your Customers – Now and Beyond COVID-19

While people fear that the COVID19 has already caused a massive blow to our health system, we are also experiencing devastating effects of the crisis on the world's finances. Companies are cutting down staff, people are losing their jobs, and it seems that there is still no end in sight. If your business is still standing, you can count yourself as one of the lucky few. However, you need to exercise extreme caution, that is, if you want your brand still alive once the crisis is past its peak and people settle into the “new normal”.

You definitely cannot go back to a sort of “business as usual” mode as we are still in the middle of this crisis. Yet, you cannot also just sit back and wait for all of this to be over, because no one really knows yet when this crisis will come to pass. What you need to do is work on calculated steps so that you can still do business and weather through the crisis without taking a huge hit. In the arena of digital marketing, what would those calculated steps mean? For sure, that would include one thing – the customer. In order to survive this crisis and thrive past it, you need to keep your existing customer base with you and hopefully get a few during this period. So, the question now is, how can you keep your current customers happy while forming new relationships in these volatile and uncertain times?

They have to know you’re still alive

Stay in touch with your customers. You must not allow your customers to forget you especially in these times. You cannot afford your customers forgetting you, especially if your product or service is non-essential. Sen out an announcement through email about your current situation. Be transparent in telling them of how the virus has impacted your business and finally, you have to assure the readers of your announcement that you are doing the best to still be there for them and that you will together brave the situation.

But it’s also important that you remain considerate in how often you’re relaying these announcements, what information you choose to share, and the manner in which you communicate certain messages.

Keep your comms constant and relevant

Now that you’ve taken the first step in reaching out to your customer, make a consistent effort in communicating with them. Why? Times are hard, people are not allowed to gather, and your customers will surely appreciate a friendly word, even if it's from a business. Consider what your audience is going through now, so dispensing advice through blog entries, emails, or social media posts would make those who read them feel connected to your company. If your business has products or services that could actually help your customers in these hard times, then by all means inform them.

However, in our digital world, there are plenty of ways to stay connected to your customers through this pandemic and keep your business going through it.

Get them engaged

Make full use of what social media offers by letting these platforms be your means to two-way communication with customers. Respond to comments and direct messages to give your social media persona more dynamism and credibility. These ideas do not really require a budget, as you only have to invest time to properly engage with them using tools you already have. Quizzes and contests may also be some things you can consider for customer engagement.

Every organization--whether you sell products and services online or not--will benefit from improving their online brand presence and increasing engagement with existing and potential customers during this "time on the couch."

Learn more tricks to let your business stay afloat during these troubled times through best practices in online marketing. Reach out to us at All Systems Go Marketing.

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Friday, 14 August 2020

All Systems Go Marketing: Getting The Most Out Of A GMB Listing

La Mesa, CA based All Systems Go Marketing recently published ‘Getting the Most out of GMB,’ a blog post that aims to shed light on the Google My Business platform. All Systems Go Marketing is a Digital Marketing Services company which has been working towards creating profits for their clientele since 1999. Their latest blog post, which can be read at, is meant to assist clients in utilizing Google My Business for maximum impact.

The post tackles the importance of having a Google My Business account. To quote the post, “If you have an online business, then having a Google My Business account is one of your must-haves. Without one, you are missing out on a lot of opportunities eCommerce makes available, especially for local sales.” The opening lines tell the reader exactly why one must make the most of a GMB account, as not using one can lead to a business losing out on many opportunities. The blog also informs clients that most businesses do not take full advantage of the benefits of GMB, which is why considering it as a part of a digital marketing strategy as soon as one can is a smart decision.

This post also educates the client about Google My Business as a whole. “Google My Business was established by the world’s largest search engine for businesses to easily connect with potential and current customers in their area,” they explain. The ability to connect with potential customers is an element clarified within the blog post, and it also reiterates that customers have, “built a need for the internet to have a directory for online-savvy users like them.”

All Systems Go Marketing bases their methods on the latest Social Marketing research, proven search engine performance, algorithm analysis and real results. The blog post too shows this approach, as the post informs the client about performance statistics, going on to state that, “GMB has proven itself to be an effective tool, with a Bright Local survey revealing that businesses using it get more than 1,000 monthly customer searches, 16% from direct searches and 84% from discovery searches.” The post adds on to this by highlighting the benefit of visibility in the digital market.

At this point, the agency discusses how business may take advantage of GMB’s benefits. GMB makes it easier for current and potential clients to discover a business, no matter their location. Having a GMB account increases brand visibility and allows a business to display important information regarding the services provided or company approach. It also gives customers a convenient platform to leave reviews for the business. “Above all, GMB is free for you to use!” explains All Systems Go Marketing.

A GMB can serve as a platform for effectively and directly interacting with customers, as a company can directly respond to reviews left by a client. A business can also communicate with customers by learning how they found the specific business. This information can then be used to strategize online marketing efforts. Utilizing this tool can lead to a business emerging at the top of local search results. The agency further highlights the importance of reviews, stating that, “Positive and high-quality reviews from authentic customers will enhance the visibility of your business, with more potential customers most likely to locate and visit your store.” The post provides links to external information from sites such as Business 2 Community and Search Engine Land.

Google My Business is now a “must-have” for local and small businesses, along with SEO. With time, Google search content relies more on GMB content to rank local brands and businesses. The usefulness of this new platform is a key feature in this blog post as it discusses the benefits and prominence of GMB in the current, digital marketplace. The post also makes it a point to inform clients that this, “platform is increasing both in usefulness and prominence, and Google will obviously introduce more features and changes to it as it becomes more important.”

To find out more about All Systems Go Marketing, one may visit the agency’s website and blog. Those interested may also contact the company via phone call, email or social media.

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Tuesday, 11 August 2020

Remember Your Blog? Make It Work For You

Although a lot of us may see blogs as a bit old school and have since then been eclipsed in popularity and influence by other content formats like videos and social media, we should never commit the sin of abandoning all efforts on it. Blogs are still relevant and are unique for many reasons. There are still quite a good number of blog followers, they can be flexible because they can house other content formats like infographics and videos, among others. Finally, blogs give us that sense of intimacy with a business or brand. Although we know that this is not the case, we get a sense like we are reading a company's diary written by its prominent figures when we read a blog.

So, if you are thinking that your company's online marketing resources are better spent on video production or maintaining a troll farm who can write hundreds of positive reviews about your company daily, you are totally mistaken. Inject back life into your blog, Here's how:

Make your social media work for your blog

We all know that people, especially in this era of lockdowns, and stay at home efforts, live on social media. So, why not use your social media assets to promote your blog entries? People will read your blogs if you post your entries on social media. They will comment on articles that have an impact on them and they will most likely follow your blog to read on your other entries. If they like what they read, they will also share your blog articles on their social media, so that's added promotion for your biz.

So, even if you have mastered the art of writing, you will need basic marketing skills to get the ball rolling. Book writers, bloggers, or Ebook writer, everyone is taking help of social media to ace the race of the digital world. Unfortunately, very few of them know the right way to do so.

Your blog has to have a personality

A lifeless, old, boring-looking blog will certainly not attract new visitors. Inject some life into your blog with a new tagline, a new logo, or a new template, perhaps. Reply to comments left on your entries to let the readers see that your blog and company has personality. You cannot afford to blend in and be just another blog in the wide and hugely competitive world wide web. Adding zest and personality to your blog will make it stand out.

While in theory adding personality to your business story feels logical, there is also a practical consideration – how to add personality to your business blog while at the same time making sure your business is benefiting.

Shake things a bit, content-wise

As an old adage goes, variety is indeed the spice of life. Your readers can only consume so many long-form articles before they try to find other forms of content that will revive their interest. Listicles, videos, infographics are just some content forms that not only will pique your current reader's curiosity but may also attract new readers. Just because one content type works doesn't mean you'll serve that for the entire life of your blog. That's going to bore your readers and limit your content options.

Every marketing team needs fresh content ideas.
Maybe you’ve been producing content on the same subject for so long that your idea well has run dry.(Via:

Blogs are still an integral component of your online marketing mix and should never be disregarded. Have a look at your blog, put some life into it, and be amazed by the results. Let us help you bring more customers to your business even in these troubling times.

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Friday, 7 August 2020

All Systems Go Marketing Gives Small Businesses The Tools They Need To Succeed Online

All Systems Go Marketing, a La Mesa, CA based online marketing service, has just published a blog post titled ‘Online Marketing: The First Steps.’ The post discusses how a new commercial enterprise may get started in online marketing, especially given the fact that both customers and other businesses have begun using the internet to do business.

“It is no surprise that online marketing has become an effective manner of not just putting your brand out for everyone to notice but actually attract customers who are ready to spend,” says the blog post. “But then, since the largest businesses were unsurprisingly the first ones to adopt strategies to be more effective in this field, the reputation of online marketing as something exclusive for big business was born. However, small businesses, take note: It’s actually the opposite.”

Online marketing can be a powerful tool for smaller businesses looking to compete with larger, more established businesses. It can, as the blog post says, “level the platform,” since it does not require a huge initial investment to produce great results. While there are strategies that require a large amount of money to implement, there are ways that small businesses can use their limited resources and still see substantial results. It is important, however, to have a good grasp of the opportunities at hand in order to make the most of every available marketing resource.

When looking to do business online, there are a number of factors to keep in mind. The speed of the site, for one, is of particular importance. “Consumers online have been spoiled in everything, especially in the areas of choices and speed,” the blog post says. “Web users expect and demand everything to happen in seconds, if not automatically. If there is something your small business should work on to be effective in online marketing, make speed a priority. To fulfil your customer’s expectations and needs in the amount of time they are accustomed to, your website’s system needs to be reliably fast. Also, it doesn’t hurt that fast websites get ranked high by Google, everybody’s reliable search engine.”

Having an app can also make a difference. Apps have become a vital component of modern business, and having one allows a company to support everything on their own platform up to and including an option to sell their goods or services. People also tend to prefer apps over the internet, and they make it easier for customers to get in touch with the company.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is highly recommended by the company. As the blog post says, “SEO is still a must. As a company taking its first steps in online marketing, having a good understanding of search engine optimization is an absolute requirement. You can utilize the expertise of SEO specialists, but since you’re a small business, you may not have the financial resources to pay for his/her expertise. Thus, you need to really have a grasp of this as a small business owner. Also, you need to realize that, for e-commerce, your SEO efforts need to result in more customers actually buying your product or service, not just with more people visiting your website.”

There are a number of other ways to improve one’s online marketing efforts, and All Systems Go Marketing is always available to help. Since the late 1990s, the company has been committed to helping small to mid-sized businesses grow and expand their reach. Using the latest social marketing research, proven search engine performance, algorithm analysis and real results, the online marketing company produces real results for their clients.

Businesses that want results tend to have realistic goals that they want to achieve, and those who wish to gain an advantage through a well-executed advertising campaign can find the expert assistance they need at All Systems Go Marketing. “We can tell you what you need and what you don’t need,” the company says. “This is an important factor—as SEO companies historically have looked to sell clients on a ‘shiny new toy’ whenever they think they can make a sale. All Systems Go Marketing is not that company. Instead, we take a practical, moderate approach to our Digital Marketing projects, concentrating on achieving real goals with excellent ROI. Put simply—we don’t sell services that our clients don’t need. We offer performance and results, and nothing else.”

More detail can be found on the company’s website. Clients are also welcome to reach out to Craig Wright of All Systems Go Marketing in order to follow up on any further inquiries.

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Monday, 3 August 2020

How to Make Instagram Stories Your Digital Marketing Ace

With half a billion active users daily in 2019 and a very favorable forecast for 2020, it is no wonder why many online marketers have decided to jump and join the Instagram Stories wagon. The platform may only be in its 4th year, but it has taken the lead in terms of the number of users when it comes to mobile video platforms, letting its competitors including Snapchat, TikTok, and its sister company's Facebook Stories eat its dust.

Instagram Stories has taken the lead because of several factors, including the built-in fan base of Instagram. Social media users who want to be rid of trolls on Twitter and the prevalence of fake news on Facebook took refuge in Instagram, which stayed true to its bread and butter offering, photo sharing, until 2016. Once Instagram Stories was introduced, the platform was successful in holding on to the users Instagram already has by providing simple quirks to its offerings on IG Stories - live videos, voting posts, and photos with captions and stickers that would disappear after 24 hours. Also, not a lot of fanfare and faddish elements are involved in IG Stories, unlike Snapchat and TikTok filters that pretty much wane in popularity after a few months.

Now that Instagram Stories has established itself as a leader and more formats have been introduced, online marketers should take advantage of this and see which format is most effective and engaging to its audience. After all, it is not enough that you just join Instagram, have an account, and post some stories. Many companies have joined the bandwagon, so now the challenge lies in setting yourself apart and rising above the competition. Do you know which IG Stories formats work for your intended audience?

Short Stories for Your IG Stories
Rather than shopping blocks of tests, online marketers translate legit articles into short paragraphs and bullet-point lists, put them into graphic elements like a very short video or a photo, and tell the story with a few slides on IG Stories. This format appeals to IG users who aren't really into long-form articles but get their attention attracted to interesting visuals that they can't help but read the texts as well. The last slide would usually be a call to action: an invitation for the reader to swipe up to read the entire article or sign-up for a trial or give their information so they can get email or SMS alerts.

If you’ve never come across this term before, storyboarding is the process of creating a graphical representation that will simulate exactly what your content will look like, slide by slide in the case of stories.

Quiz or Poll Your Way to IG Stories
Do you want to know how your followers feel about a certain topic? Easy, just post a quiz or poll on your IG Stories! Your followers get intrigued by these IG Stories formats because they get informed of how much they know and what they need to know about a topic and in the case of polls, it allows them to know if their views and opinions on a topic differ from or are the same with the rest. Lastly, polls and quizzes have that engagement element that every business wants to have for their online marketing efforts.

One of the great things about this feature is that it invites followers to interact with you privately in a way that feels much less invasive than DMs. It creates a smooth, comfortable transition to DMs if you choose to reply to them privately.

That'll Teach Them
Short demo or tutorial videos are always a great format for businesses as they allow them to show off the quality of their products or level of expertise in the services they offer. You can also link your videos to your site and let your viewers buy your product or take advantage of your services right away, or at the very least learn more about your company and your offerings.

Passion is an important driving force behind any tutorial. When you learn from someone who is passionate, you are not only entertained but you're also able to absorb the material that much more because they make the act of learning fun.

If you want to explore Instagram Stories more and see make it work to your business' advantage, get in touch with us at All Systems Go Marketing.

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