Friday, 26 February 2021

Local SEO Expert Published Blog Post Discussing SEO Strategies For Social Media

All Systems Go Marketing, an SEO company from California, has published a blog post offering tips for those managing a business’s SEO strategy and social media platforms to get the best out of their efforts.

ASGM says that the biggest pitfall while managing a business’s online marketing is compartmentalizing the efforts across multiple fronts. The trick, according to the blog post, is to bring the disparate worlds of SEO and social media together and have them work in conjunction with each other. It is necessary to leverage both these solutions because they offer a vast opportunity for any business, especially when it comes to lead generation. It is often better to spend the time and effort in growing and building a following organically than acquiring it through brute force means like buying leads. The former leads to less dependency and brings the market to the creator, business, or service provider.

Social media is a great way to send a message to the entire world about the brand’s core identity. It helps create a rapport with the customer by giving them an accessible platform for getting in touch. It is essentially the face of the company. A lot is riding on getting the image exactly right as a good first impression can go a long way. SEO on the other hand is a way for the business to carve out a niche for itself. SEO makes sure that when users search for a query, the business’s resources that can help answer those questions, show up at the top of their search result. This can be implemented by thorough site optimization and a clear content strategy.

The blog post says that the best way to harmonize both these strategies is to follow a few simple guidelines. The first is to fill out all the social media profiles on the biggest platforms. When creating a brand, it is important to go where the consumers are. So there should be an effort to create a consistent profile across all the platforms where the target users are. This will go a long way towards creating visibility. Most importantly, it gives the company a place where they can engage with their audience. Answering questions and learning from the community is an important step towards building trust.

The next step is to share as much content as possible on social media as possible. This content will be shared and appear in many customers’ feeds, possibly introducing them to the business. There is also the possibility of the content going viral which will bring more eyeballs to the business’s core product or service. As the content becomes more popular and as people start to link back to them, it will create subject matter authority for the business. Here, the blog post mentions the power of inbound links and their effect on growth. Another thing to remember is to use social media as a syndication platform, a launching pad for all the company’s content. Once strong social signals go out it will help build the brand’s image.

Finally, the blog post mentions networking with influencers to get broader coverage. Companies should not underestimate the strength of a strong social connection. It will boost the company’s marketing efforts. When social media links bring in traffic from external sources, it also increases viewership on other parts of the company’s digital presence. For example, a tutorial video could lead a user to a company’s landing page which can then be used as the start of a sales funnel. The compounding effect of social media marketing is very lucrative.

A spokesperson for the company says, “All Systems Go Marketing is a digital marketing services company that has been in operation since 1999. Our mission is to create profits for our clients. Our methods are based on the latest social marketing research, proven search engine performance, algorithm analysis, and real results. If you are struggling to get started with building a digital brand, our years of experience will no doubt prove useful to you.”

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Sunday, 14 February 2021

Is Marketing on Facebook Hurting You?

There was a time when Facebook was considered the silver bullet in online marketing. In the late 2000s to the early 2010s, you will be in a bind if you look for a business that hasn’t found success or hasn’t benefited from using this social media to market their business. It was pretty much the heyday of Facebook, so everyone, including businesses who hitched their wagon to it found a lot of positive effects in using the platform for their online marketing efforts. Businesses were quick to form an audience with Facebook users and actually interact with them through their pages, so the engagement was very effective, resulting in more brand loyalty.

But of course, as with any other business, things change, things get complicated, and things will never be the same again. Facebook became a business that saw the opportunity of profiting from businesses that use their platform by restricting the organic reach of the business’ posts so these brands have no choice but to invest more in paid advertising. Facebook has gotten embroiled on data security concerns and lately on issues alleging the platform to promote the proliferation of fake news. Various businesses actually staged a boycott, cutting their Facebook advertising budgets, which although wasn’t that successful, signaled a huge problem with the platform. On the users’ side, Facebook’s reputation has gotten a beating with its involvement in the previous elections and the surfacing of so many pages peddling fake information.

But despite this, it cannot be denied that Facebook is still the top social media platform in terms of user population. The concern now for businesses is if it is still wise to advertise with the biggest social network platform in the world.

Are small businesses getting hit?

With the various issues Facebook must face particularly in the areas of security and authenticity of its user database, the platform has no choice but to constantly upgrade its security efforts. There have been regular efforts (monthly or weekly, it seems nowadays) for fake accounts to be taken down and pages related to these fake accounts to be disabled. While these efforts are well and good, small businesses may have become victims of this. As recently as November 2020, business pages of some small businesses have been blocked by mistake by AI algorithms that mistake content on these small business pages as offensive ads. With their pages unusable during the biggest sales events of the year, businesses struggling from the effects of the pandemic yet took another hit that has caused them so much anew.

For many small businesses, Facebook has become a potent financial lifeline, but there have been drawbacks that include problems with the company’s content-moderation software, limited options for customer support and lack of transparency about how to fix problems.


As the growth in Facebook advertising continues it is tempting to think Facebook Pages are not a great way for a business to gain engagement. However, as with any social media platform, it all comes down to understanding both the functionality and the culture of the people using it. Facebook has always been a place where people connect with other people: friends, acquaintances, and (more recently) those who share common interests through groups.


Effective use: Facebook Groups

With Facebook’s pages being strictly (and in a lot of cases erroneously) policed by artificial intelligence algorithms, small businesses might want to look for other venues in the platform to seek the right audience and engage with them. One good idea for this is through Facebook Groups. Groups usually get moderated by its own administrators and members also get screened, so the chances of interacting with more authentic accounts who are genuinely interested in topics of that particular Facebook group is better.

Here’s a hot fact: customers are loyal to companies that treat them well. Inviting fans to be part of a community and engaging with them directly and regularly shows you care and builds invaluable loyalty and trust. If you want to take your relationship with your customer to the next level, a Facebook group is a great way to get serious.


So, how about your own biz’s FB page?

If your business doesn’t have a dedicated page yet, it is high time you should have one already, or you might get duped by someone who already made a page with your business name, maintained it for years already and will sell it to you at an exorbitant price. With the concerns mentioned earlier, just exercise control over maintaining your page. Make sure that the quality of your page is consistently high so that it doesn’t become a platform of followers with fake profiles and users from content farms who proliferate fake news.

Visit and click on “Create a Page” in the top right corner. Keep in mind, you’ll need to link this business page to a personal account. Typically, the account of your social media manager (if you have one) is the best option. If not, use the account of the employee who will spearhead your Facebook marketing strategy.



If you have decided in making Facebook a major platform of your marketing efforts, get in touch with us.

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Sunday, 7 February 2021

Ready to Have a Part in Some TikTok Action?

Unless you’ve been living under the rock, you’ve probably heard of the app TikTok. Even in this pandemic where most of the world’s population has been under varying degrees of lockdown, TikTok has been making waves in the tech world, with the pandemic actually furthering its popularity. Despite the app being embroiled in a lot of controversies, with actual countries (e.g., India) banning its use in their territories and President Trump also threatening to stop its use in the USA, TikTok’s popularity has not waned, if not gone stronger. To think that only a few years ago, it was a promising app, but not as huge as it is today. From 13 million videos being uploaded when it was still in 2014, the number of uploaded content pieces has dramatically increased with its user base growing by close to 800% today.

With millions of users uploading millions of videos every day and being seen by millions of other users who are in the app just to consume videos, it would be a mortal sin for online marketers to ignore the audience in this app and not use it to promote their businesses. Of course, the potential for advertising businesses in the app is huge, something that has not escaped the observation of various businesses who have actually found success in using the app for their online marketing efforts. Moreover, the app itself has realized this promising facet of its business, so much so that it has TikTok For Business, a platform for businesses to use exclusively for them to maximize the app for their marketing efforts.

So, now, the question is, should your business also jump on the TikTok bandwagon?

TikTok for Business: An Intro

Simply put, TikTok For Business is a sort of one-stop-shop for marketers to use the app as an advertising medium. By using this platform, there is no need to make a thorough, planned strategy as the platform will instead help business with going through the entire process, including the creation of ads, itemization of budgets, effectively reach target audiences, and interpretation of campaign data. So, the goal of TikTok for Business is to help businesses with the technical side of using the app so they can give more attention to creating more effective content. TikTok for Business makes all types of advertising available for businesses and depending on the data, businesses can then decide on which type or form they could use to be more effective in amassing a larger audience and engaging with them.

Apart from promoting a product or service, the hashtag challenge also gives customers a voice, an opportunity to express their views and emotions. Perhaps the biggest benefit is the connection that develops between the brand and its customer.


The Variety of Advertising Options in TikTok

You might think that advertising in TikTok is boring and does not offer a lot for business marketers since the platform pretty much only hosts videos. However, TikTom for Business encourages businesses to make these videos in five different formats, making the platform way more exciting than it seems to be. Businesses can roll out TopView ads, which appear once daily when users open their apps for the first time that day. There are also In-Feed ads that appear on the For You page of users, branded hashtags that businesses can use to generate content from the app’s users based on the hashtag they promote, brand takeovers wherein the app features only one brand daily and that business takes over everything -from top view ads to branded hashtags so users will only be exposed to that business the entire day, and  Branded Effects where 2D, 3D, or AR images of a business can be used and included into user’s TikTok videos.

In fact, with a little bit of hard work, determination, and knowledge about your target audience, you can easily start getting your brand name in front of the right people.


Is it right for your HVAC business, though?

With the app’s current popularity with most businesses, it must be tempting to say the least for HVAC business to join the bandwagon and ride in the app’s popularity to benefit them. Just don’t forget that this decision ultimately depends on whether your business goals are in line with the benefits and outcomes you might reap from advertising on TikTok.

HVAC contractors who experiment with TikTok need to keep their posts light, Jacobs said. Quick instructional videos on topics such as tying a fish fly or cooking an easy recipe prove popular. Jacobs suggests doing something similar to promote an HVAC business.



Curious if TikTok should be in your digital marketing mix? Contact us for consultation.

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Thursday, 4 February 2021

Digital Marketing Agency Stresses Importance of Blogs in SEO

All Systems Go Marketing, a digital marketing agency based in La Mesa, CA, wants to advice businesses not to neglect their blogs, despite their apparent decline in popularity because of the rising interest in social media and videos. According to them, blogs continue to be valuable in SEO efforts and in boosting the ranking of a website in the search engine results. An important reason is that blogs are unique due to a number of reasons. These reasons include the flexibility afforded by blogs such as their ability to contain other content formats, such as videos and infographics; the fact that there are still a substantial number of blog followers; and the observation that blogs can offer some kind of intimacy with a brand or business.

Craig Wright, owner of All Systems Go Marketing, says, “Blogs are still an integral component of your online marketing mix and should never be disregarded. Have a look at your blog, put some life into it, and be amazed by the results. Let us help you bring more customers to your business even in these troubling times.”

One way to increase the impact of a blog for digital marketing is to use social media to promote blog articles. This is actually a no brainer because most people, especially during the current pandemic, are finding comfort in using social media networks while staying at home. It is therefore a good idea to use a business’ social media pages to promote certain blog entries. People will likely read those blog entries if they have been posted on social media. And chances are, they will make some comments about the articles and they may also start to follow the blog and continue reading articles from there. They may even share some blog articles on their social media and the number of people reading the blog may grow exponentially.

An important advice to follow in using a blog to promote a business online is to ensure that it has a unique personality. This can be done by using a redesigned logo, creating a new tagline, or applying a new website template. It is also a good idea to respond to comments to let people know that the business has personality and this can make the blog be noticeable among the crowd.

Another way to make a blog work in helping to promote a busines online is to make sure that its content is varied. If it only contains long text articles, blog visitors may soon get bored. Other forms of content should be used to ensure that readers continue to be interested. Using videos, infographics, listicles, and other forms of content can add spice to the blog and ensure that people are motivated to visit the blog and digest some of its contents.

Meanwhile, All Systems Go Marketing is an SEO company that was established in 1999 and since then, they have been working with small and mid-sized businesses to help them enhance their online presence and get more customers. In 2015, they decided to focus their efforts exclusively on the HVAC industry. While their personnel have changed through the years, they continue to focus on boosting their clients’ profit by providing the latest SEO methods, the latest social marketing research, search engine algorithm analysis, and genuine results.

HVAC contractors who will use the services provided by All Systems Go Marketing will be paying for performance, unlike with other SEO companies that ask for substantial upfront fee. They will assess the HVAC website and the current situation of the contractor and offer a true assessment of what can be done. Only a small upfront cost will be asked before they begin their services. And because they also believe in the importance of accountability, they don’t offer long-term contracts with lock-in requirements. This means that clients can simply stop whenever they want without worrying about any consequences.

Those who are interested in the digital marketing and SEO services provided by All Systems Go Marketing may want to check out their website, or contact them on the phone or through email.

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