Wednesday 28 April 2021

Local SEO Moves That are Absolute No-No’s in 2021

In case you haven’t noticed because you’ve been hibernating, thanks to the pandemic. It’s already 2021. Thus, we are thinking that you still might be executing some local SEO moves that are already passe and might already be considered as black hat (that’s forbidden practices in SEO language) nowadays. Read on and see if you’re doing more damage than good to your local business’ online presence.

No-No #1: Duplicate Content

When you have a website for your local business and each page more or less contains the same content with very few tweaks, that would be very bad for your local SEO efforts. First, this practice is understandably popular for a lot of local business websites, as it is a common belief among old school website owners that having a website with multiple pages, no matter what the contents are in the pages, is more preferable than a website that has only a few pages. It was a belief that these “bigger” websites get the attention of search engines more easily; thus, the businesses of these websites get ranked higher. But then, if the content of these website’s pages is more or less duplicates of each other, the search engines have become wiser, selecting which page is the “best” version of the content. Ultimately, if it is discovered that the content of a website’s pages is just the same, the whole website will be penalized, which usually includes the site being removed from the index of Google.

When there are several versions of content available, it’s hard for search engines to determine which version to index, and subsequently show in their search results. This lowers performance for all versions of the content, since they’re competing against each other.

No-No #2: Not Using Local Keywords
Not using local keywords is an obsolete practice among local businesses that should not even be considering especially since it’s already 2021. It used to be that a lot of SEO efforts just aim to use the correct keywords, which eventually attracts a substantial audience. However, this is practically useless in SEO, which actually aims to draw a “targeted” audience rather than an audience that is strong in numbers. So, for example, while investing in the keywords “nail salon” might drive potential customers to your mail salon website, you may get visitors to your website from Manhattan to Manila, who won’t really be ultimately beneficial to your shop in Mission Valley. So, don’t put your local SEO efforts to waste by using effective but not localized keywords. Get more out of your efforts by never forgetting to add your location to the keywords you’ll be using.

The first, and perhaps most important, step in finding local SEO keywords is specifying your location. You need to establish which areas you want to target for local search.

No-No #3: Slow Website Loading
According to one study, close to 3/4 of mobile internet users claim that they have used a website that takes forever to load. That so many pages take a lot of time to load only turns off potential customers to your website. Slow-loading websites affect conversions of visitors to customers. Not only that, as Google factors a high bounce rate (people leaving your site after only a few seconds) to rank websites lower. When people do not stay on your website for long because they are frustrated with how slow it is, then your local SEO efforts will only go to waste because you won’t get as many customers and your website won’t appear on the first page of search results, no matter how earnest your efforts are in using the right local keywords.

How to prevent this problem?
Don’t clutter your web design to prevent lots of loading time. Moreover, optimizing the images on your site so that they don’t take long in opening up.


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