Monday, 8 March 2021

SEO Service Discusses Local SEO Benefits In New Blog Post

All Systems Go Marketing, a digital marketing company in the San Diego area, has published a new page on their website that details the benefits of local SEO to service based businesses.

The company is offering a 90 day guarantee on its Local SEO services, an uncommon move for digital marketing companies at a time when many digital marketers are offering a "wait and see" approach to local positioning.

"Executing on Local SEO has always been a monster part of our business," said Craig Wright, Owner and Sales Manager at All Systems Go Marketing. "Certainly, offering an in your face guarantee is not something we do lightly. But the fact is, 95% of the time about 10 minutes of research will tell us with complete certainty what we are able to do for the client."

All Systems Go Marketing also offers national SEO for businesses that need it, but often the costs can far exceed the benefit now that much of search has a local component to it. Going forward, with the majority of searches taking place on smart phones, the local aspect of a search is expected to be all encompassing.

"While our client base has always been made up of smaller brands looking to go National, it became clear around 2015 that these opportunities were fading fast in a lot of industries," said Wright. "Certainly when we began in 2001 the search market was split up into a lot of parts, but with Google dominating the search market all over the world, when they speak, you have to listen!"

According to recent studies, 97% of consumers use Google to find local businesses. Outside of advertising, being listed in local search is the most consistent way to put a brand in front of paying customers. Still, many small business owners assume that there is no possible way that their business will be listed at the top of the local search listings, perhaps due to long standing myths.

"It's really kind of amazing that small business owners on one hand use Google every day to find local businesses, and yet never think about researching what it would take for them to rank," said Wright. "People assume that Google provides these listings to high spending advertisers or to companies that they somehow prefer, but in fact the whole setup is algorithm based. The idea that there are companies that somehow receive 'preferential treatment' is ridiculous."

While Google is working hard to ensure that there are as many advertisements on a search screen as possible, this does not limit the effectiveness of being listed locally in what many call the "Google Maps Pack". In fact, there are literally thousands of markets across Canada and the United States where there are no ads at all, and results in the Maps pack have by far the best visibility.

What's more, studies show that consumers tend to trust the Google Maps Pack far more than they do advertisements, which is the kind of authority that every local brand should be looking to exploit.

"Like it or not, 'Ad Blindness' is only getting worse for consumers as they feel as if they are constantly being advertised to," said Wright. "A local business that has the profile to be ranked in the maps pack doesn't feel like an ad, which creates implicit trust from the get-go."

While any business can rank in the Google Maps Pack, the results tend to be algorithmically generated. Fortunately, there are signals that a business can provide through their MyBusiness listing to ensure that they are well represented when local consumers are looking for their service.

"Local businesses that are not ranked in Google for local searches are missing out on monstrous amounts of customers," said Wright. "Fortunately for our clients, we've been able to help!"

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