Thursday, 27 February 2020

All Systems Go Marketing Discusses Press Releases for HVAC Owners In New Blog Post

All Systems Go Marketing (ASGM), a digital marketing company based in La Mesa, CA, recently published an article discussing the advantages of including press releases in HVAC company’s digital marketing campaign.

It’s not immediately obvious to a number of HVAC contractors, but press releases can influence your website’s traffic and authority in more ways than one. All Systems Go Marketing further expounds on the subject in their blog post, “Should Your HVAC Company’s Digital Marketing Plan Include Press Releases?”.

“Many HVAC company owners fail to recognize the value in publishing press releases for their digital marketing campaigns,” said Craig Wright, owner and spokesperson at the company. “It’s unfortunate since press releases are a quick and simple way to build authority for your HVAC website if done right.”

In the past, press releases had significantly less value than they do now. As a rule, most search engines tended to ignore them, focusing instead on individual site content. But as entity-based identification began to take hold, the releases have been somewhat reborn as a tool.

Press releases can provide a lot of value in ways other than just gaining backlinks. A smart HVAC owner just has to figure out the right reasons to publish press releases and how to utilize them for their digital marketing campaigns.

From the article: "You don’t need a world changing event to publish a press release.” The article notes that some HVAC owners will hesitate to publish press releases for their companies because they underestimate their own company’s story.

In truth, press releases can be published for a number of reasons such as: a notable contribution to the community, winning a major client, sharing a testimonial, or more simple reasons such as a recent blog post or website update.

“A big issue with a lot of HVAC and tradesmen is that they tend to have very little marketing background. As a result, everyday achievements that could be seen as something to celebrate can get lost in the mix of doing everyday business," said Wright. "The fact is, having press releases as one of your HVAC marketing strategies is always going to pay off."

Other than the possibility of being cited by a journalist, press releases also have other benefits. By publishing a press release, a business exposes its website not only to the variety of press release websites on the web, but also to important authority areas like Google News. The traffic from these sites can create customers or notoriety for any company, no matter the industry.

A key additional bonus of a press release is that it builds safe, Google friendly links to a site and the ability to utilize a media site’s authority on one's homepage if they happen to reference the article in their own publications.

Wright comments, “But there has to be a balance. Some SEOs will capitalize on the ability of press releases to build links but fail to put in the effort to understand their readers. Public relations companies, on the other hand, tend to focus on soft brand metrics such as public sentiment and followers but fail to optimize for search due to a lack of technical knowledge. A smart strategy incorporates both factors.“

All Systems Go Marketing has been providing clients with expert digital marketing strategies and techniques for 20 years. The company focuses exclusively on PPC and SEO for HVAC companies. ASGM’s main services include search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, and social media marketing.

Interested parties can get a free quote from ASGM via their website or reach out through their official Twitter profile. They also publish blogs on their website on a regular basis.

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