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Where to Start With Content for SEO Success

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has been around since the beginning stages of the internet, and it has been proven to be a harbinger for website growth. The proof is in the statistics - Google alone gets close to 78,000 searches from all around the world for every second, and this doesn’t even include other search engines like Bing, Yahoo, and the one more than a billion Chinese use - Baidu.   and there are also other engines such as Bing. Research also reveals that organic traffic from search engines get better results for businesses as opposed to paid search ads, because search engine users have gotten smarter and avoid ads that appear on search engine results pages (SERPs) altogether.

SEO rankings can be improved in various ways, but the top driver was, is, and always will be content. After all, websites are made up of content. As there are all sorts of different content types, business owners who want to have better SEO results and their website administrators need to be aware of which content type would simultaneously make their websites rank high on SERPs and be appealing to their target audience.  Great content would be something that would check all of Google’s (and other search engines’) boxes and would be consumed and shared with a wider audience, which also results in an SEO rankings boost.  Let’s see what these content types are so you can consider which of them you could use for your business.

Blog Posts

As the most common type of content, blogs have become every business’ content bread and butter. Aside from being easy to produce (all you’ll have to do is have a writer produce posts that are relevant to you business or write them yourself, keeping mind SEO guidelines), properly written blog posts provide readers (i.e., your audience and thus, your potential audience) relevant information about your business. Thus, these posts engage them while attracting new readers and possibly new customers. In turn, this could boost your SEO rankings and ultimately grows your business.

Blogging can come in many forms - You can have reviews, lists, opinion pieces, and you can even have other people (ideally industry authorities) write posts as guest bloggers for yours, vice versa. You don’t only get valuable content with the last option, you also build relationships with others in the industry that can also increase your website’s authority with the backlinks you get and jack up your site’s SEO rankings.

Replicating content strategy that is already working in your niche calls for observation and focus on your part. You must be observant of the top-performing content in your industry and your blog. Then, reproduce your version of the material and publish it on your blog.

In other words, search for blog posts in your niche that have gone viral, study them carefully to find out why they went viral, and craft your copy.

(Via: https://www.business2community.com/blogging/9-easy-ways-on-how-to-write-a-blog-post-that-goes-viral-02283784)


As internet experts have become more knowledgeable about the behavior of its users, they have discovered that visual content such as video has become increasingly preferred. Consumption of videos has reached all-time highs and has been known to be effective, but the difficulty in producing them has become a stumbling block for more businesses to spend more effort on this content type.  To address this issue, there are some videos that can be actually produced with minimal efforts, like tutorials, explainer videos to introduce your product, Facebook or Instagram Stories featuring influencers and your product or service, and the like.

Even video content can affect your page’s SERP ranking and traffic conversions. Now, let’s focus specifically on video content.

The general preference for higher-quality content is true for any type of content. Yet, it’s important to remember that Google doesn’t read videos the same way it does written content.

(Via: https://edgy.app/optimizing-website-for-google-seo-using-video-content?pfrom=marketing&fp=a8)

Long-Form Content

Apart from blog posts, long-form content has also proven their worth as effective content types that can help your SEO efforts.  Unlike blog posts that tend to be informative in their shortness, long-form content tends to tackle topics in an in-depth manner, this making them a bit more resource-intensive.  But then, long-form content is also a better strategy to get more backlinks and social media shares. The more backlinks you have, the chances of getting more people to chance upon your site is higher. So, try to check on content such as your annual reports and whitepapers for this.

Google doesn’t decide a page’s ranking by simply looking at its word count.

While content length is clearly correlated with better search rankings, the factors that actually help Google rank pages are merely made possible by long form content.

If that sounds confusing, it’s because there are a lot of moving pieces involved in the SEO performance of content.

(Via: https://www.sweor.com/seocontentlength)


Aside from long-form content, another content type to consider when you are going for credibility, authority, and establishing more relationships with other businesses is infographics. The effort needed to produce this content will be a combination of data collection and graphic presentation. Users appreciate infographics a lot because content presented through text can be boring for some people, and infographics, with its graphic elements, can make everything more understandable and attention-grabbing. Just make sure that the data your infographics contain is well-researched and the graphic elements have to be appreciated by your target audience.

Of course, they’re much more robust and contain far more information than a regular image, but that’s how Google views them.

This is important to know because Google can’t “read” images like it can text-based content such as a blog post.

Fortunately, there are several other elements that you can optimize.

(Via: https://www.quicksprout.com/heres-how-to-perfectly-optimize-your-infographic-for-seo/)

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