Friday, 10 April 2020

Find A Google Alternative With All Systems Go Marketing

La Mesa, California based All Systems Go Marketing acknowledged, in a recent blog post, the reality that Google and Facebook are undoubtedly the leading platforms for online marketing. While many consider these giants in the industry as ’sure wins,’ it should be noted that a potential contributor to a brand's success is its capability to be seen in other locations of the world wide web. The company points out that, despite these two sites being familiar (and rewarding to use at the same time), other platforms may lead to equal or even greater success in the field of digital marketing. Through their recently published blog post, they offer a number of Google alternatives that can effectively be utilized for online marketing and advertising.

For instance, the marketing agency recommends Microsoft. Microsoft may be a household name when it comes to computers but this has not necessarily equated to the success of its online products. That being said, Microsoft advertising offers an easy-to-use system that does not differ too greatly from Google AdSense. By using Microsoft advertising, ads will also be displayed on popular search engines like Yahoo and AOL.

Next, business owners can use Amazon since it is frequented by millions of people around the globe. Craig Wright of All Systems Go Marketing says, “The strong suit of Amazon is that it is the world's largest online retailer. If you have a business, Amazon is perfect if you want to sell your products as well as run ads on these products to distinguish yourself from the rest.” On the other hand, question and answer forums like Quora are generally far from what one may consider as a platform for online marketing, but businesses can advertise on Quora by running ads alongside questions that may be related to the business.

Business owners may also consider AdRoll. AdRoll's main selling point is IntentMap, an AI algorithm that predicts data using trillions of intent data points. Here, potential shoppers are encouraged to convert from being online lurkers to actual shoppers and buyers. Finally, Taboola is great for digital marketing since it is a native advertising platform. It essentially promotes one's content on other blogs, making the ad look like the content of the website it is run on. The only caveat is that there is a disclaimer that the content is an ad, which might discourage a viewer from clicking the link.

Wright points out that Google and Facebook are far from being the only choices when it comes to online marketing and digital advertising. While they are household names in the industry and are the focus of many SEO trends, it would not hurt to try out new platforms. These other platforms are more than capable of expanding the reach of a particular product, and each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. It is all a matter of choosing the right fit for one's needs.

Choosing the right platform may be a daunting task but that need not necessarily be the case with the right partner. As noted in the blog post, if an HVAC business is interested in advertising outside Google and Facebook, All Systems Go Marketing is a one-stop-shop for all alternative online marketing needs. Check it out and see how the company can help build a reliable digital marketing strategy.

All Systems Go Marketing has been in the industry since 1999. In their own words, the company's goal is, "To provide accountable, high ROI Digital Marketing services that give you what you’re looking for: clients and deals. Our techniques are based upon 20 years of digital marketing experience. We have seen it all during our multi-decade relationship with Google, and we focus on a fundamentally sound, results-oriented — and most importantly — safe approach to Digital Marketing."

They take a practical, moderate approach to Digital Marketing, concentrating on achieving real goals with excellent ROI. Simply put, they do not sell services that their clients do not need. The company emphasizes that their methods are based on the latest in Social Marketing research, proven search engine performance, algorithm analysis and real results. Other competitors may not do the same. Such is a testament to the experience that the company brings to the table.

There is more to learn about All Systems Go Marketing, and complete details about the company can be found on the company’s LinkedIn profile. Interested parties may also connect with All Systems Go Marketing via their website or their social media platforms to stay up to date with their latest news and announcements.

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