Friday, 24 April 2020

Getting the Most out of GMB

If you have an online business, then having a Google My Business account is one of your must-haves. Without one, you are missing out on a lot of opportunities eCommerce makes available, especially for local sales. Moreover, not a lot of businesses take full advantage that Google My Business provides, which is why you should consider adding it to your digital marketing strategy as soon as possible.

Google My Business was established by the world’s largest search engine for businesses to easily connect with potential and current customers in their area. These customers have actually built a need for the internet to have a directory for online-savvy users like them. True enough, Google responded to this by rolling out GMB, and online marketing and eCommerce have become more vibrant.

GMB has proven itself to be an effective tool, with a Bright Local survey revealing that businesses using it get more than 1,000 monthly customer searches, 16% from direct searches and 84% from discovery searches.  Moreover, GMB gives businesses the opportunity to get seen by local customers and build a reputation with positive reviews, among other benefits.

Take advantage of GMB's benefits

If your business hasn’t jumped on the GMB bandwagon yet, it is about time you do, because GMB makes it easier for current and potential customers to discover your business, wherever they are in the world.  Your brand’s search visibility is increased, thanks to having a GMB account. You will also be allowed to display all the important information about your business. Your current customers can also give your business reviews without difficulty. Above all, GMB is free for you to use!

Google My Business has become an online directory for listing your business. GMB also allows a business to connect with its customers. Google My Business improves the search visibility of business by including its profile in Google Maps results and other Google’s Local 3-Pack. According to Bizadmark, Google’s Local 3-pack is essential for search terms that will improve a business’s visibility and increase the chance of gaining prospective customers and sales.


GMB offers so many benefits to your business, not just help people find your office address, know your hours of operation or the URL of your website. It can serve as a platform for you to effectively and directly interact, as they can post reviews and you can respond to them in return. Moreover, you can communicate with your customers by finding out how they found your business, and the information you can get from then can be used to strategize your online marketing efforts. It is a free tool, so it won’t make any sense if you underutilize it when it can lead your business to the top of local search results. Optimizing your GMB profile will provide your business with these benefits, and more!

Double- check that the information within is completely up-to-date. For instance, have you changed your business hours during the holiday season? Update that in GMB!

There’s a link for customers to “Suggest an edit” on every GMB account. Yes, customers can actually make live edits to your Google My Business listing. These edits aren’t cleared by you first— they just happen in real-time! If you’re not checking your GMB listing on the regular, it’s time that you start doing that. The last thing you want is to lose customers thanks to a cruel prankster who changed your website URL or tweaked your phone number.



The importance of reviews

The Google My Business support page is solid proof that businesses that are efficient in managing and replying to customer reviews have a distinct advantage. Positive and high-quality reviews from authentic customers will enhance the visibility of your business, with more potential customers most likely to locate and visit your store.

Responding to online reviews, especially when the reviews appear on Google, helps you build trust with customers. It shows them that you care enough about how customers feel to take a little time out of your already busy day to address concerns and offer thanks for positive support. Regardless of whether a review is positive or negative, responding to it demonstrates a strong commitment to delivering superior customer service.

You spend considerable time and money attracting more customers. Why not close the deal by spending time responding to online reviews?

Here’s why it’s worth your time — Statistics show that when customers receive a response from a business operator after posting a negative review, 33 percent of them posted a positive review and 34 percent of the negative reviewers deleted the original poor review.



Newest feature: _______________

Google My Business (GMB) has become the must-have for local and small businesses. Thus, Google has increasingly relied on GMB content to rank local brands, slowly moving away from off-page signals and third-party citations like it did before it rolled out the platform. The platform is increasing both in usefulness and prominence, and Google will obviously introduce more features and changes to it as it becomes more important.

A lot happened with GMB this year, far too much to summarize in one post.

In addition to four major Google algorithm updates there was at least one major local algorithm update tied to neural matching, although BERT will affect local results as well.



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