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Make SEO And Social Media Work For Your Business

All businesses need to establish an online presence nowadays. Whether you are into direct sales of certain goods or products or provide various services needed by consumers, making use of SEO and social media can take your brand to the next level. Who can afford to pay for traditional advertising and PR, right? Not everyone. Nowadays, social media and SEO can help you boost sales and improve visibility in the digital world without spending a fortune.

Basically, social media promotes your business content, whether they are articles, posts, photos, or videos that promote your business and show everyone what your brand is all about. Meanwhile, SEO or search engine optimization ensures search engines can find your content whenever people type in keywords that are related to your brand. Your goal is to increase site traffic or make your social media account stand out in social networks, so people follow your brand and share to people they know. The various social media platforms work differently from the other although they all act as mediums where virtually everyone on the web can connect and interact with each other.

Occasionally, I’ll hear online marketing experts attempt to describe various marketing strategies in discrete contexts and to an extent, this is appropriate. Content marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing can all be planned and executed separately. You could hypothetically pursue each one as an individual endeavor.

However, it’s far more effective if you use these strategies in conjunction with one another, complementing and enhancing your efforts. Content amplifies your SEO campaign by attracting more links and optimizing for certain key phrases and social media feeds into your content campaign by amplifying its reach. But how exactly does social media play into SEO? Can your social media campaign improve your organic search rankings?

  • Profile information.
  • The power of inbound links.
  • Social media as a syndication platform.
  • Social signals.
  • Influencer marketing and publishing opportunities.

Keys for long-term success.

The bottom-line answer is yes, your social media campaign can and will improve your search rankings, so long as you bear the following best practices in mind for long-term success:

  • Fill out your profiles. 

  • Promote your content via social media (and beyond). 

  • Encourage shares. 

  • Engage with influencers.

(Via: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/280292)

While SEO and social media are great tools on their own, they work even better when used alongside each other along with some really great content that talks about what your business does and what it can offer.

Some marketers will point out that Google treats each social media post as an individual webpage, so a link from a social media page would appear to the search engine as a link from a unique page. And that’s true.
But, as Matt also states in that video, Google can’t crawl the entire social web. That means a lot of those links don’t get seen, much less indexed. Even if they did, we know that Google doesn’t weigh all links equally. Social media links are too easy to throw around for Google to take them seriously.

It may be challenging to get your content get noticed on the web but making use of SEO tools and having active social media accounts can boost traffic and drive sales with little to no effort at all. If you want to find out how, check out this link: https://www.allsystemsgomarketing.com/facebook/.

How Social Media DOES Help SEO

There are other SEO benefits to a good social media strategy. Many of them are not uncommon or revolutionary:

  Social media is an efficient way to get eyes on your content. If the content is good it will earn real, effective links on other blogs and/or websites when people who see it on social link to it on their websites.

  Traffic from social media can still create good on-site SEO signals. If the content is good (again) it will create click-throughs to other parts of the site, high time-on-site metrics, etc.

  An active social media account increases brand awareness. We’ve all seen ads or Facebook posts that we Googled later.

(Via: http://www.business2community.com/social-media/next-level-strategies-seo-social-media-actually-work-together-01761684)

While most business owners don’t really understand the way these things work, you can always hire SEO and social media experts to help you navigate these often tricky technologies to your business’s advantage. Although social media exposure can mean a lot to any business, it is helpful to remember that not all social media posts get ranked by Google at all. The sheer volume of these social media posts make it impossible (and impractical) for Google to crawl each pages and rank them. Just remember that Google ranking excludes social media when ranking pages but social media can still come in handy in many ways especially if you are great at navigating these sites and know just what posts increases followers and engagements.

The success of your business relies on various factors, and SEO and social media are just one of them so use your resources wisely and learn to set your priorities so you achieve your goal without investing too much time or money that may eventually hurt your business over time.

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