Monday, 20 July 2020

All Systems Go Marketing Publishes Blog Post On Finding Success With Voice Search

La Mesa, California based digital marketing company All Systems Go Marketing has published a new blog post that explores how success can be found with voice search. All Systems Go Marketing exclusively provides a variety of digital marketing services for HVAC companies.

Craig Wright, a representative for All Systems Go Marketing, says, “Over the past few years, voice search has seen a phenomenal rise in popularity. Slowly, but surely, people are embracing voice-activated technology, whether it’s using voice search on their phones or trusting voice assistants like Alexa or Siri to take care of day-to-day business. This rise in the use and popularity of voice search also means that the landscape of online searches are changing. Where a web user in the 2000s would see a page containing ten text results, the modern web user sees more results in a wide variety of shapes. This also means that companies have to change how they approach digital marketing. One such way to do that is to embrace voice searches yourself.”

As All Systems Go Marketing explains, the rising complexity of technology and the sophistication of those using it means that search engines are evolving, adapting to both users and technology. With most users now getting more comfortable with voice searches, it is expected that search engines will also further invest in making voice searches easier to access and use.

According to All Systems Go Marketing, the growth in the popularity of voice searches can only be described as staggering. The company shared data that showed that close to 59% of American consumers used voice search in 2019—but only around 12% of businesses were on Alexa, and the adoption of Google Assistant among brands was even lower. All Systems Go Marketing says that, while voice applications are still in their infancy stages for businesses, it is not the case with users, and that means that businesses should start adapting for voice searches.

The company also explains how voice searches work. In the blog post, All Systems Go Marketing writes, “Once a voice-activated search pushes through, the search engine turns it into a written query. Although the process can be quite smooth since the topical queries get linked in logical fashion, search engines can get ‘stuck’ with a query when the voice owner (aka the searcher) uses vernacular or has a particular accent or different speech pattern, so the best answers to the searcher’s query may not be offered.”

The blog post also goes on to explain that voice searches work differently with keywords than text searches do. Due to the fact that searches done through voice recognition are much longer, descriptive and have the tone of natural human conversation, the old method of cramming keywords into content becomes less viable. All Systems Go Marketing suggests that companies should get into the habit of using long-tail keywords or three to four-word phrases that are extremely specific to the product or service being sold. The company explains that this will help to keep the conversation going when the user is interacting with virtual assistants rather than leading it to a dead end.

Further, the blog post reads, “The types of queries performed via voice search tend to be direct and loaded with intention since there is no visual interface. Typically, these searches are more like commands than they are research-oriented—e.g., 'Siri, call the closest Home Depot.' With more customers asking for directions, hours, and phone numbers, B2Bs need to optimize their SEO strategy to include voice and accommodate direct actions via voice search. In the long term, this might require hiring a designated voice SEO manager to ensure success as this technology drives more change.”

Wright adds, “If you are thinking of adapting your business to take full advantage of the rise in the popularity of voice searches, you need the services of a digital marketing agency that is very familiar with the subject. That’s us. If you’re interested in getting started with voice searches, feel free to get in touch with us.”

Those who want to learn more about All Systems Go Marketing and their services are welcome to visit the company's website. They encourage interested parties to get in touch with Craig Wright directly via email or phone, and the company can also be reached through the contact form on their website. All Systems Go Marketing maintains a presence on Facebook where they frequently post updates, share media and communicate with their clients.

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