Sunday, 26 July 2020

Marketing Videos to Do When in a Lockdown

In terms of effectiveness, it cannot be denied that along with blogs and SEO, video has joined the club. You can point to social media as the main drivers of video's surging popularity, as these platforms have updates that have heavily favored video over other forms of content. These updates in turn have reflected the changes in preference of upcoming market segments such as the millennials and Gen Z on how they want to learn about new and exciting products and services. While they still like reading, watching has become a more convenient and thus more preferred option when it comes to consuming content.

So, while it's easy to advise businesses to funnel more marketing efforts to video, our current situation may not entirely favor it. Don’t get me wrong: The market for videos is now bigger than ever, with the lockdown forcing people to stay at home and do more indoor activities (hello, social media). It is businesses that will be challenged with this current scenario. Offices are closed, production studios are not operational and locations are limited. Thus, the challenge: Can companies produce effective, engaging, appealing, and high-quality videos even with the production challenges of remote work?

You may argue that social media influencers are cashing in on this quarantine period to make videos from their homes or wherever they are located, giving their content an air of authenticity and relatability. So, why not use this for your business as well? yes, you can, and with a bit of planning and making sure you are putting the right content, you can also use the lockdown and the "new normal" to your business' advantage. You don't really have much of a choice with location, so a lot of the quality and usefulness of your video will heavily depend on the content. So, what online marketing videos would be a hit to consumers even if done remotely?

Teach, Demonstrate, and Attract an Audience
Tutorials and demos are video content types that have always been considered better if filmed remotely or where the "real action" is. Cooking tutorials are always filmed in kitchens, car troubleshooting videos in garages, and make-up tutorials have always been filmed in some YouTuber's dresser. There isn't really a need for fancy lighting (for make-up and beauty tutorials, they always have a ring light, but they already have that even before COVID19 hit the world) or elaborate backgrounds and locations to impart expert-level knowledge.

Video tutorials are an audiovisual resource created specifically for the viewer’s learning on a specific topic. The video tutorials are a guide for the user to visualize step by step how to do something.

Explain Your Areas of Expertise
While tutorials focus on the how-tos, explainers allow you or an authority figure in your line of business to explain to your viewers what a product, service, or offering is. If there is breaking news or an event that has affected your industry, explainer videos can also clarify these events in detail and elaborate on how they may affect your business. These videos also do not need all the bells and whistles as a studio-produced video does, but if done correctly, it will position your business as a credible voice in the industry. Thus, the explainer's level of expertise and the quality of information you (or the explainer) share are the most important.

Explainer videos are bite-sized bits of video content, often around one to two minutes in length, and they come in many forms, from traditional animation to 3D, to live-action and more.

Ask and Answer
Q and As are in the same thread as tutorials and explainers, with a more interactive twist. Instead of the expert or the thought leader just blabbing away the entire video, some questions may be fielded by other people from the "audience". A variation of a Q&A video you can do is hold a live session where the thought leader can spend the entire video answering questions from a live remote audience. This kind of video makes the audience feel that you are present and active in the current times and not just some business that existed before the COVID19 crisis.

Question and Answer (Q&A) videos are helpful for when you want to answer common questions your audience may have about a particular topic.

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