Tuesday, 16 June 2020

Smart Ways of Getting Your Business Into the Content Marketing Game

It’s simple: if you are late to the party, you’re most likely to get leftovers. If you have finally reconciled with the fact that content is indeed king and are only starting to explore and implement strategies to market content related to your product or service, then you may notice that the most popular platforms are already being used to the hilt by bigger business, or at least those with a lot of resources and those with astute content marketing strategists. And like any other thing that gets overly used, well-worn platforms have their ROIs reduced for those who are only started using the platform recently.

Therefore, you should start considering other channels to make your content shine, stand out, and not be overlooked or overpowered by competitors and other businesses that may have more resources than you. Here are some strategies worth looking into.

Why not try social media bookmarking sites

As stated above, the first instincts of digital marketers nowadays when they have content that they want to promote is go for platforms with the most massive audiences, such as Instagram and the ubiquitous Facebook. However, there are social media bookmarking sites such as YouTube and Reddit whose primary purpose is to provide internet users a platform to share their web pages, blog posts, videos, images, and articles. Try to exercise some creativity here so that your content can stand out above the competition.

There is no doubt that once your website is listed properly on a particular site of social bookmarking, it will generate some high-quality traffic for sure. There are so many different websites which tend to represent the entire opportunity that you get to achieve some traffic for your website in the best way.

(Via: https://www.digitalvidya.com/blog/social-bookmarking/)


SEO-Friendly Content

Volumes of content get published every day, so businesses are always in such a rush to make sure they have content out there, forgetting that search engines have a preference for particular types, formats, and other factors. Try to make your content SEO-compliant to bring your targeted viewers to your site than just cast your content net too wide to appeal to everyone.

Of course, achieving success with SEO takes time, as do all things. While other digital marketing strategies, such as Google AdWords can prove faster results, there are other benefits for retailers who stick it out with organic growth.

(Via: https://powerretail.com.au/case-profiles-studies/the-power-of-effective-seo-qa-with-toprankings/)



Because we know that the usual social media suspects – Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram may already be dominated by early adopters of social media marketing, small business owners may think that they are not welcomed in this realm. However, have there’s a way to circumvent this seemingly disadvantageous situation for small businesses – using influencers.  These businesses with limited resources may not be able to use social media in the same way as big businesses use them, but they can get reinforcements through influencers, who have proven themselves to be an effective means of engaging with a more targeted audience, their followers.

The influencer marketing landscape has matured over the last few years, however. Now, the market is saturated, but that offers brands more options when it comes to choosing the right KOLs to work with, allowing them to tap into a more diverse audience pool — not just those with the biggest reach.

(Via: https://techwireasia.com/2020/03/how-are-influencers-driving-value-for-brands/)


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