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More Platforms For Your Consideration

These days, the most effective way to market the content you have for your business is through social media platforms. Thus, content marketing has become deeply connected with social media marketing. As arguably the most effective area of interaction on the internet, brands that participate in social media have seen huge spikes in their user base. But then, just like other marketing methodologies that have become overly popular or overused, there are some platforms that have become saturated with businesses, causing them to raise their rates in adherence to the laws of supply and demand.

So, what’s a small business to do in this highly competitive world of content marketing? Well, the methodologies are plenty and diverse, with a number of platforms still underrated and underused. With a pinch of creativity and armed with a good strategy, why not consider these other content marketing methods?

Review Sites

Review sites are consistent in their rise to the higher levels of search results, especially with local business searches. Content such as case studies and technical papers can be shared in these sites, especially if they are B2B review sites. Visitors to these sites are usually prospects, so you can establish your authority as well as generate some leads. There are also review sites that, aside from reviews, also republish the best customer stories.

Online reviews have become omnipresent. They’re no longer just on review sites like Yelp, Tripadvisor, or G2 Crowd. They’re available and visible on Google search or even social media networks like Facebook.

If you’re new to the online business world, online reviews may seem daunting and difficult to control. You may be tempted to brush them off as something that’s “nice to have” or “just there.”

The bad news is, customers are relying heavily on them to make buying decisions. Believe it or not, 90% of American consumers are reported to read reviews before making a purchase.



Company Intranet

Your workforce is a medium that’s right under your use, willing and ready to be of service to the success of your business (for the most part). That is why company intranets are channels that you should use to share and repurpose content such as articles and blog posts that have previously been published in your other social media and online assets. You can turn your employees into effective influencers and evangelists of your brand. They can even be more excited to spread the word if they or someone they know in the organization is mentioned in the content.

With ever changing tasks and goal-posts, it’s important marketing teams, especially global ones, are able to organise and manage themselves efficiently, enabling them to react swiftly to in-the-moment news and activities. An intranet can play a big part in the overall effectiveness of an organisation but more specifically, can work wonders to keep a marketing department running smoothly.




Although podcasts have been wildly popular, they have not really achieved a lot of traction when it comes to its use for digital marketing, or even content sharing. Maybe it is because not a lot of podcast channels have credibility or depth, though they have a substantial following. But then, maybe your business can consider podcasts to market your content because those followers can be an engaging lot, not to mention they can be quite loyal, too.  Your business can try to produce your own podcasts and increase your authority and credibility.

Having your podcast available on all platforms will allow you to reach audiences that are not already following your social media sites. Once listeners subscribe to an audio series, they are more likely to keep listening to your podcast as long as you continue to produce high-quality episodes. Your audience is also more likely to recommend your show to other listeners.



Content curation

Another effective but underutilized method of content marketing is content curation. That’s because there’s always a built-in pressure or requirement for articles that get curated to be of high quality. Thus, it is a given that the content featured is always valuable. Moreover, by curating content, you get to establish relationships with influencers and leaders, which in turn adds value and credibility to your brand.

Beyond the value content curation offers your customers, it can also benefit your brand. When customers view you as a leader in the industry, they’re more likely to purchase your products and services. B2C brands can use their curated content on social networks such as Pinterest and Instagram to earn new followers and showcase their personalities with viral-worthy posts. Great marketers add a piece of their own brand on the articles and images they share with comments, CTAs or links back to their own company sites.




Surveys are criminally underused and underrated. That’s because the information you gather from running surveys become your own property. When you publish information derived from your own survey, so many news stories can be sourced from it, and when these news stories get shared on news sites and social channels, you’ve hit a gold mine with your business being attributed to all these information. Survey marketing is a prime tool for SEO, PR, and branding all rolled into one. Of course, the information you get from surveys also helps you gauge how your customers feel about your product or service.

NPS surveys save you time and give you constant update on your customer satisfaction level over time. This allows you to see changes immediately and gives you a great opportunity to take quick action. Many companies use NPS surveys to evaluate their customer satisfaction and this collected data gives you the opportunity to compare your NPS results with others in your industry. In short: NPS surveys helps you increase customer satisfaction, attract new customers and raise profitability.



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