Thursday, 4 June 2020

Know These Three Content Building Blocks

These days, all businesses what a piece of the eCommerce pie. That pie happens to be quite crowded with businesses wanting to be part of it, so everyone is implementing strategies to try and get more attention to their business. Once they are successful in having more people notice their business, then they try their darndest to convert them into paying customers who will actually buy the business’ product or service. For the first step of getting more people to your website, you’d need an effective search engine optimization (SEO) strategy that, if successful, will reward you with top search engine ranking that will get your business’ site more attention, especially from those who use search sites for anything.

However, we have to take note that SEO has been practiced for close to twenty years already, which means almost all businesses have some form of SEO practices in their online marketing arsenal. This is where creativity and strategy come into play. If you want to achieve top-notch SEO ranking, you need to try some unique methods to and mix it up with varied types of content. After all, having only one kind of content may at most appeal to only one type of audience. With different content format, the chances of attracting different kinds of audiences is higher, which then exposes your business to more people and increases your chances of making a sale. Here are some content formats to try when you’re just starting out on SEO:

Social Media

Content on social media becomes most effective when it is in tune with the times – after all, social media users look into their accounts to be updated with what’s trending in contemporary culture. Although this type of content is not directly related to search ranking results, having your social media assets perform well will ultimately call attention to your brand, which in turn will have an effect on your SEO efforts.

Also, what’s great about social media content is that you can whip it up in a jiffy without a lot of effort. Although some content, particularly visual types like videos and photos need to be original and subject to editing and other procedures, text-heavy content can be easily repurposed for use in your social media platforms. Text content on your website and blogs can be promoted on social media through links.

Therefore, social media works much more effectively for those businesses that have a strong understanding of their current customer base and/or have a strong understanding of the market they want to target. The caveat is that the market you are targeting has not shown interest or intent on a service like yours, so you must convince them otherwise with compelling ads.




Podcasts have gained a lot of popularity lately because they are readily available and they’re easy to be consumed by your potential customers. Users can listen to podcasts while they are doing other things, from driving to doing the laundry. If your brand is interested in creating podcasts to promote your products or services, you should have an easy time producing them because you will be just writing relevant content and recording a reading of what you wrote. I mean, you should have a lot of things to say about your business, right? Podcasts are great because they are traffic magnets which usually impact your search engine rankings positively.

An informative, engaging podcast opens the door for building your brand’s reputation and positioning your brand as an authority in the space. Your podcast can be a traditional interview style or take a more creative approach, but either way, you're building credibility with your audience by positioning your brand as a thought leader within your specific industry.



Case studies

In the age of fake news and unreliable sources of information, people are hungry for real data that businesses like you can provide through case studies and research. When a case study you publish gets traction with other websites (especially news sites, cross your fingers) attributing to it, SEO results will surely skyrocket, as your credibility gets a boost. Wondering what “research” content you can come up with? There are surveys you can run.

First and foremost, case studies are stories. They involve characters, conflict, and resolutions, and all of that showmanship brings your product or service to life. Without them, you can’t illustrate the ways your product can be used. Instead, you’re merely depicting the basics like where, when, and how your service came to be. While that information is important, stories are a more powerful way to activate the brain and persuade someone.



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