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What to Look Out for in Digital Marketing This 2020

Digital marketing is one of the most, if not the most dynamic sector in the larger field of marketing. Because of its close ties with and reliance on technology, any advances of the latter also means a lot of changes affecting its landscape.  Thus, there are always new techniques, trends, and tools being pioneered, which then makes digital marketing more effective in catering to the constantly developing needs of the customers. In 2020, in response to these developments, some trends are predicted to take over digital marketing.

Digital Assistants and Voice Searches Poised to Rise

Voice search and digital assistants may have been in the market for years already, but users may have been initially slow in adapting to the technology. Digital marketing industry insiders predict that 2020 will see more people warming up to them, with voice search set to make up half of all online queries.

This is because of the sense of urgency among consumers is fulfilled by voice searches. Web users, a considerable number of shoppers, expect automatic answers and have a low tolerance for anything slow. As the internet and smartphones have offered instant solutions to anything their users want, they have gotten used to this and have transferred these expectations to everything in their lives, including the need to have seamless experiences when using digital platforms.

Voice queries also affect SEO in the sense that you would need to optimize your website, so your featured snippets and zero-click searches are compatible with digital assistants like Alexa and Siri. After all, these digital assistants read back only the first entry on the search engine results page, as position zero is already occupied by rich snippets.

A study from Microsoft on consumer adoption of voice technology in 2019 shows that most people are using voice search.

Microsoft’s 2019 Voice report analyzes the adoption and usage of voice-enabled technology, such as smart speakers and digital assistants.

According to the report, 75% of households will have at least one smart speaker by 2020.



Video is the King of Kings

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’d most probably heard of the industry catchphrase, “Content is king.” So, the next question is, what is the most popular form of content, which is, therefore, the king of content? The answer is video.

Videos have steadily ascended into popularity, thanks to social media platforms Facebook, YouTube, and over the past year, Instagram (which also happens to be under the Facebook umbrella). With so many products of these companies including video elements, video as a form of content will only get bigger in 2020. HubSpot revealed that in a study, close to 50% of its users prefer to get video content from the digital marketing efforts of the companies they follow.

According to a research study from Common Sense Media, more than twice as many young people watch videos every day as did four years ago, while the average time spent watching videos—primarily on YouTube—has roughly doubled, to an hour a day. Video's popularity has exploded, while text takes a back seat. It is increasingly obvious in the industry that text-based content is saturated, and that if a company isn't willing to give it at least one year and invest considerable amounts, they shouldn't spend much time on traditional Google based SEO.


It’s Not Only Likes and Shares for Social Media Anymore

While it used to be that social media is primarily for networking, telling the rest of the world how fabulous your life is, and secretly getting jealous of vacation and wedding pictures invading your feed, other activities such as shopping, playing games, and watching live events have also become possible. Thus, it is not surprising anymore that digital marketers must step up their social media strategy or they might get left behind.

Platforms such as Instagram and Facebook already host virtual shops where users can purchase items. Thus, companies can now incorporate these online stores to their social media profile. With the rise of social (media) commerce, shopping has become easier and more convenient, with fewer steps, a faster checkout procedure, and decreased chances of lost or abandoned transactions.

In recent years, social media analytics has witnessed widespread adoption due to its ability to drive business performance in key areas that make an impact. With businesses increasingly relying on data from social platforms to make key decisions, there is a growing need to deploy the right analytics tools and solutions to analyze and draw insights from the data. By leveraging advanced social media analytics solutions and tools, business leaders can mine social data and apply insight to drive their marketing and customer management efforts.



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