Thursday, 28 January 2021

SEO Company All Systems Go Marketing Publishes Blog Post Discussing Video Content Creation Strategies

All Systems Go Marketing, an SEO company founded in 2001, has published a blog post discussing the strategies that businesses can use to create video content that resonates with their audience and brings invaluable exposure in times of the pandemic.

Videos have always been a robust source of viewership for scores of businesses around the world. The ease of understanding information from a video ranks it high on the list of content that an audience chooses to consume. Since watching a video is a passive effort, often they attract more viewers than written content on some blogs. With the pandemic, content creators are moving to newer social media channels that favor short-form content. ASGM says that this is an untapped market that can be used to bring an audience to a business. Videos even have a possibility of going viral, resulting in a windfall of viewership that can be leveraged to educate a large market for a business’s products and services.

ASGM says that as companies are dealing with lockdowns all across the world, keeping the marketing machine running smoothly has become a challenge for many industries. In such a scenario, it is wise to turn to nontraditional methods of marketing in the hope of carving out a niche for oneself. The blog post published by ASGM says that businesses should focus on creating content that is effective, engaging, appealing, and high-quality. A notable challenge is the creation of such content despite remote work requirements. Depending on the scope and nature of the industry that the business is involved in, the location for shooting the video can be as simple as someone’s bedroom or the humble garage. ASGM says that instead, businesses should focus on some key aspects of the content to get the highest marketing return.

The first tenet of a well-produced video, according to ASGM, is to teach, demonstrate and attract an audience. The idea is to hook as many people in as possible with the core product or service that is being offered. The core appeal should be laid out as simply as possible. There should be a gentle introduction that encourages newer audiences while still providing enough useful information to those who are already well informed about the subject. This is a delicate balancing act that requires a deft hand. The production values do not have to be very high as a simple basic set up can still be inviting for those who are willing to learn more about the topic.

The second thing to remember is to educate the viewer about the business’s products or services. Often what prevents a potential customer from taking the leap with a new product or service is the intimidation of having to learn something new. When this initial learning curve is softened through content that comes directly from the horse’s mouth, it creates a kinship with the audience that compels them to loosen their purse strings. A well-informed consumer will keep coming back again and again. Creating high-quality educational content will also establish a business as an authority on the subject which will yield dividends multiple times over in the long run.

The last thing to keep in mind is to engage the audience and to answer their questions. Understanding a product as a creator is often taken for granted. One might overlook simple questions as being too trivial to explain. This creates a disconnect as some viewers might be left in limbo about the basics of the product. It is, therefore, necessary to open an honest conversation with the audience, listen to them, and change the course of the content being created based on the feedback. This is an ever-shifting process and will be effective in creating enormous goodwill with a brand’s core audience.

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