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Get More Impact for Your Digital Marketing Moves in 2021

You may be reading this in December, which means you only have a few days to enjoy this dreadful year of 2020 before plunging on to a hopefully better new year of 2021. And with the coming of the new year comes new hopes and increased speculations that 2021 will be a return to a more active business environment. That means that you need to think of how you can reverse the losses you experienced in 2020 and advance your business with the new year. the question is, have you thought of marketing strategies and plans to elevate your business to the top or are you still reeling from the blows that 2020 has dealt to your business? Well, not to be a party pooper, but now’s the best time to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, leave the pity party that is 2020, and move on to better things in 2021!

So, what’s your online marketing strategy in 2021? You may realize that even in these uncertain times we live in due to the pandemic, you notice some businesses still killing it as their content has become viral, engaging consumers even if most of them are holed up in their homes, afraid that they might catch the virus if they step out and socially interact with the rest of the world. Take note though: These viral content products didn’t just come out of thin air. They are products of careful planning, agile action, and timely decisions where everything aligned – the content, the goals of the company, its voice and tone, and the interests of the audience.

So, if you have decided that this coming year will be the year your business makes a splash with your online marketing efforts, consider three strategies that have proven themselves to be effective to a number of businesses that have implemented them in the past years. Take your pick from account-based marketing, collaboration, and turning your customer base into evangelists for your business.

Considering ABM

A high-impact marketing strategy you may consider is ABM or Account-Based Marketing. This marketing approach includes marketing initiatives and programs that are personalized and highly targeted to specific accounts for your business to grow. When you implement ABM, you must treat every client or account as an individual. Thus, marketing to each accordingly will be different – no approach is the name to every individual.  The content that you use for one potential client is different from another potential client. Challenging, yes. Rewarding, yes as well. Your potential clients may feel that you really know their individual needs and concerns, so your efforts will likely put you in their favor. Measuring the success of ABM strategies can be a bigger challenge, though.

Why is measuring ABM proving to be so difficult for firms? In part, it could be due to an over-reliance on lead-based metrics making it difficult to measure the effectiveness of an account-based approach.

Marketing-qualified leads (MQLs) was found to be the second most common metric tracked in this year’s study (revenue was #1). Only 29 percent of firms are measuring Marketing-qualified accounts (MQAs), and the vast majority (57 percent) haven’t even started to measure.


Stop, Collaborate, Listen, and Win!

One of the lessons this pandemic has reminded businesses is that there is, indeed, strength in numbers. When your business finds a partner that you can collaborate with, try to milk it. The benefits of partner collaboration abound – you get a bigger audience with the expanded reach of your partner’s. Moreover, costs can also be decreased because you are working with another entity that may be willing to invest financial resources for your collaborative efforts to bear fruit. Alas, a collaborator will also expose you not just to a new audience but also different perspectives and insights that you may not have considered when you were only working by yourself.

If you’re new to B2B channel partner marketing or your company is smaller, consider starting with a simpler partnership. If the partnership works out well, you can try moving up to a more involved agreement.


Use your users to spread the word

Making customers evangelists of your business is very impactful, as they will most likely lead you to more potential customers who will also spread the word about your business, and so on and so forth. To be successful in this marketing strategy, you need to be successful in three sections: attracting customers, engaging with them, and delighting them so much that they will shout the name of your business to the high heavens. If you are considering this strategy, remember to strengthen your customer service, don’t leave your customers out in the cold, and provide them with an amazing product or service.

Unlike salespeople, brand evangelists have no self-serving reason to promote a brand. They’re not receiving a commission, and they’re not paid to advertise – They’re just passionate! Consequently, when a superfan shares the advantages of your brand, potential customers are more likely to seriously consider their recommendations.



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