Thursday, 15 October 2020

Get Your Small Business the Marketing Team It Deserves

Warning: Your marketing department can stop your HVAC business from succeeding. You might wonder how, when having a marketing department is a necessary function for your business, as it makes more people aware of your existence. Actually, it's not marketing efforts that may derail you, but how your department or team is structured. For one, industries these days move fast, so you need the right people with the most applicable skills to succeed in marketing. If it turns out that your marketing team is composed of people that do not have your business' interest as a priority and are not updated with the best marketing practices, you are most probably wasting a lot of money in misguided efforts and salaries.

Unfortunately, some organizations are ill-prepared for these constant changes. If they do catch up, they may do so late, which costs their businesses. Structures also need to be constantly updated to scale. Your team needs the right skills, should be organized for maximum success and efficiency and needs to know how to use the best tools and software to aid their success. Ultimately, you need the right people with the right skills. The question now, is are you ready to turn your marketing team into a lean, mean, effective machine?

Assembling a team for small businesses

This article wouldn’t be much of a problem for large businesses, even if they are also suffering in today’s pandemic. For one, they have a steady stream of resources that do not get easily depleted even in the midst of economic downturns like this. Of course, they would need to do some adjustments like downsizing, but the nature and size of their businesses would still require them to have a sizable marketing team, not to mention that they can afford a larger headcount. On the other hand, small businesses don’t really have the luxury of starting off with a large team. At the start, the already need to be practical of only hiring people that they find necessary to roll out successful marketing programs.

In a small business, odds are you’re hiring one or two people to tackle marketing. If you’re fortunate, you may have three or more.


What skills do your people need to have?

Another must for small businesses in assembling their marketing teams is that they have to be deliberate of what skills their hires Have. It is not wise for small business owners to just hire anyone who claims to have earned a degree from a top business school or have been working with a Fortune 500 company. Marketing specialists for small enterprises need to wear many hats, not to mention that they need to be skilled in various segments of marketing that were not present 10 or even five years ago, such as influencer marketing and social media marketing.     

As brands recover and begin recruiting in the second half of 2020, digital marketing teams will prioritize candidates who can add the most value to a team. Throughout this current downturn, it’s more important than ever for marketers to understand what core skills they possess, and what additional training they need to become the most employable versions of themselves.


Is it wise for marketing to stay at home?

Another facet of marketing teams particularly applicable to the times we are currently immersed in is that like all departments of a business, it is highly recommended that job functions can be done at home. Marketing, especially in the age of social media, can be done anywhere, and not as client- or field-intensive like, for example, sales functions. Thus, it makes sense that marketers can take full advantage of the currently popular WFH trend.   

As the pandemic accelerates the adoption of remote work, organizations large and small are realizing that jobs we used to assume had to be done on-site can in fact be done remotely.


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