Saturday, 3 October 2020

Back to Basics With the Digital Marketing Essentials

2020 has been relentless in dealing us with blows, one after another. It is an understatement to say that marketing efforts from small businesses have become challenging during this time. Some companies and industries have taken a more severe beating, but the need to reassess the effectiveness of marketing strategies to our much-evolved business landscape does not spare anyone.  All businesses, small and large, should take time to recalibrate their efforts and see what is working and what is not, especially since this period has also lessened the revenue of most businesses. We may not have the luxury of having unlimited funds for the implementation of just about any marketing initiative, so we need to think of what works best.

But then, many companies have taken the opportunity to test and try new marketing platforms and channels to see if they are better in engaging with their audiences. This is all well and good, especially if these platforms and channels do not require a large financial investment. However, during this time, it also makes perfect sense to strengthen marketing strategies that have been tried, tested, and true and in fact, already have a successful track record to show. What digital marketing strategies are these?

Fortify your SMS strategy

Mobile phone and smartphone use have definitely increased during this time when connectivity to the outside world can only be achieved virtually. Thus, there has never been a better time for marketers to optimize their strategies in this platform. While it is true that SMS is subject to strict data privacy laws and regulations, marketers should use this to provide customers with timely and important information that would benefit all parties involved. What better way to inform your customers of online promotions on a limited time than through SMS?

With this knowledge in mind, many brands are redesigning their strategy with SMS marketing in mind. SMS marketing is essentially communicating with your customers through text messages. This tactic is excellent for building trust, increasing sales, and connecting with your subscribers.


Market through video

Social media marketing efforts in these times have seen tremendous growth, but the medium that has become phenomenal is video, with Instagram Stories (and now Facebook Stories) and Tiktok taking the lead. What has made videos a booming channel is the participation of customers who can now record relatively good quality videos through their smartphones, which has in turn ushered a golden age of user-generated content.

Imagine sitting in a steak house. Every time a waiter brings in order on a cast-iron platter, people look up hoping that the food that’s making the beautiful sizzling sound is theirs.

That is precisely the function of sizzle videos – to turn heads.

They’re essentially promotional videos that rank high on the Schoville scale due to their energy, instant engagement, and long-lasting impact.


Up your email marketing game

Of course, how can we not mention the granddaddy of all digital marketing platforms? The thing about email marketing is that it has not stagnated. Regular improvements are still being introduced, and if your businesses have been left behind with these developments, it is high time you get updated.

However, email is only effective if you follow a well-planned strategy—one that doesn’t involve bombarding your subscribers or sending sales pitch after sales pitch.


To make sure that your digital marketing strategies are still top-notch, get in touch with us and expert advice is within reach.

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