Tuesday, 11 August 2020

Remember Your Blog? Make It Work For You

Although a lot of us may see blogs as a bit old school and have since then been eclipsed in popularity and influence by other content formats like videos and social media, we should never commit the sin of abandoning all efforts on it. Blogs are still relevant and are unique for many reasons. There are still quite a good number of blog followers, they can be flexible because they can house other content formats like infographics and videos, among others. Finally, blogs give us that sense of intimacy with a business or brand. Although we know that this is not the case, we get a sense like we are reading a company's diary written by its prominent figures when we read a blog.

So, if you are thinking that your company's online marketing resources are better spent on video production or maintaining a troll farm who can write hundreds of positive reviews about your company daily, you are totally mistaken. Inject back life into your blog, Here's how:

Make your social media work for your blog

We all know that people, especially in this era of lockdowns, and stay at home efforts, live on social media. So, why not use your social media assets to promote your blog entries? People will read your blogs if you post your entries on social media. They will comment on articles that have an impact on them and they will most likely follow your blog to read on your other entries. If they like what they read, they will also share your blog articles on their social media, so that's added promotion for your biz.

So, even if you have mastered the art of writing, you will need basic marketing skills to get the ball rolling. Book writers, bloggers, or Ebook writer, everyone is taking help of social media to ace the race of the digital world. Unfortunately, very few of them know the right way to do so.
(Via: https://www.socialpilot.co/blog/how-to-promote-your-blog-on-social-media)

Your blog has to have a personality

A lifeless, old, boring-looking blog will certainly not attract new visitors. Inject some life into your blog with a new tagline, a new logo, or a new template, perhaps. Reply to comments left on your entries to let the readers see that your blog and company has personality. You cannot afford to blend in and be just another blog in the wide and hugely competitive world wide web. Adding zest and personality to your blog will make it stand out.

While in theory adding personality to your business story feels logical, there is also a practical consideration – how to add personality to your business blog while at the same time making sure your business is benefiting.
(Via: https://www.gadarian.com/adding-personality-to-your-business-story/)

Shake things a bit, content-wise

As an old adage goes, variety is indeed the spice of life. Your readers can only consume so many long-form articles before they try to find other forms of content that will revive their interest. Listicles, videos, infographics are just some content forms that not only will pique your current reader's curiosity but may also attract new readers. Just because one content type works doesn't mean you'll serve that for the entire life of your blog. That's going to bore your readers and limit your content options.

Every marketing team needs fresh content ideas.
Maybe you’ve been producing content on the same subject for so long that your idea well has run dry.(Via: https://www.business2community.com/content-marketing/30-killer-new-content-ideas-in-30-minutes-and-how-to-prioritize-them-02312944/amp)

Blogs are still an integral component of your online marketing mix and should never be disregarded. Have a look at your blog, put some life into it, and be amazed by the results. Let us help you bring more customers to your business even in these troubling times.

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