Monday, 4 May 2020

HVAC Owners Avoid Panic And Win With All Systems Go Marketing

Amid a worldwide pandemic, with millions of people either locked down or furloughed, optimistic signs are beginning to appear.

Typical behavior during a major world disaster might be to simply shut down, lock up and wait for Government assistance, but it's a luxury most HVAC companies do not have.

Across the United States and Canada, HVAC owners continue to run their businesses, taking care of emergency jobs, and operating as "essential businesses" with team and customer safety as a top priority. What's surprising is that for some of these companies, operating with a "business as usual" approach has paid dividends - sometimes at an unprecedented level.

"When this shutdown started I immediately called all of our customers to make sure everything was OK, and to adjust our service levels for customers that were risk-averse," said Craig Wright, owner of All Systems Go Marketing, an HVAC-focused digital marketing agency in La Mesa, CA. "Certainly, there were those that decided to shut down their marketing programs, which was very understandable considering the overall panic at the time."

While Wright expected quite a few clients to pause their services, and peel back their efforts to acquire new customers, he was surprised to see so many providers sticking to the plan, and pushing ahead.

"I had spoken to a few other agency owners in different spaces, and was prepared for a crunch, but it really never came for us," said Wright. "Maybe it's a tribute to what we do, but it was also clear that we were in a situation where there were major opportunities for wins."

A key opportunity for Wright's clients was that with a major shutdown across hundreds of industries, digital advertising costs were astonishingly low as demand from competitors all but dried up.

"The market is the market, for sure, but it didn't really make a lot of sense to me that companies would cease their digital ad spends in an environment where homeowners have a lot of time to spend on their computers," said Wright. "What resulted was a literal fire sale across almost every platform."

An additional and somewhat surprising opportunity came from affluent homeowners, a prime focus of ASGM's customer targeting system. Suddenly idle and with more time to spare, these customers began to look at improving the place they'd be spending the most time - their homes.

"Really, this whole thing has been kind of a perfect storm for our less risk-averse HVAC clients," said Wright. "I mean, to have ad costs fall through the floor exactly at the moment the most affluent customers are looking to change out an air conditioner or add an air purifier is pretty mind-blowing."

The results of this perfect storm has enabled ASGM's clients to grow during a time when other businesses are in full contraction mode.

"When you talk to an HVAC owner that has to cut their ad spend because they're running at full capacity, it definitely makes your day," said Wright. "What's funny is that now I'm almost worried that clients that kept on are going to get used to these startlingly low ad prices. It's really wild!"

Wright says he sees ASGM's clients as partners instead of customers, which takes the pay-for-performance model to a much higher level.

"Our work is completely customized depending on the client and the client's needs," said Wright. "HVAC owners tend to be pretty straightforward folks, and if you can show them good results, they tend to stick around for the long haul."

HVAC owners that are interested in driving affluent customers to their shop and profiting when others are fearful can contact ASGM on the telephone at 1-855-957-2746 or via email. Visit their website at

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