Monday, 18 May 2020

Are We Living in the Era of UGC?

If your business’ objective is to reach new customers and engage with your existing ones, you may find that the most effective way to do that is to speak their language. But then, there’s an option to actually involve them in your marketing strategy, and that will be quite exciting for both you and your audience.

User-generated content or UGC has been on a steady increase in popularity as a worthy option for businesses to use in their online marketing strategies. UGC is readily available, with customers always ready to use their smartphones to capture anything, and whatever they produce – photos, videos, stories, blog posts – accumulate to an astounding volume of content that businesses with the right mentality may use.

Another great thing about UGC is that content comes from the vast spectrum of people with social medial accounts. Thus, if you are targeting a market based on a particular ethnic background, gender, social status, etc., it is highly likely (actually, more like 99% possible) that you can find content produced by people who have exactly the same profile as your target market. And when you use that UGC, your audience will feel that you are using native content rather than blatant marketing materials.

With these benefits UGC provides, it is the right time to look deeper into what UGC opportunities are available so you can use them to your advantage.

Social Media Content

The number of photos and videos shared by social media accountholders are by the hundreds of millions every day. A large majority of content also mention brands and businesses. When your business is mentioned in a Facebook and Instagram post or a tweet, that already counts as UGC.

If someone posts a picture of you on their Instagram feed or in their Story, they’ll likely tag your brand, so be sure to keep an eye on your mentions to see who could be talking about and tagging your brand. If you see a tag, repost.



Reviews and Testimonials

A portion of social media content mentioned earlier is reviews and testimonials. Whether they leave reviews of your business on a third-party site like Google or Yelp, or on your own website, or on social media, this also counts as UGC. These are very effective types of UGC since they serve as social proof. A good word can encourage those who have read it to try your business, and therefore give you leads to new customers.

Your product or service will be fresh in the minds of your recent customers so this is a great time to ask them what they think of their experience.

Bear in mind that recent customers are only going to be able to comment on their experience with you up to this point. This isn’t a bad thing. Securing testimonials from customers at all stages of their relationship can help you address and overcome a wider range of objections.

Use drip campaigns to automatically send emails to recent customers after a set time to secure their testimonial.



Video Content

Video UGC like Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories, and now, the trending TikTok are basically free video content that any enterprising business may use to beef up their online marketing efforts. Videos are a visual medium and have been proven to be effective among social media users.

User generated content is a great technique to include in your video marketing because it brings the viewpoint of consumers into your strategy. Not only that, people like to watch user generated content!

When a real person is talking about your product, and getting excited about it, this can create excitement in consumers watching the video.



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