Thursday, 20 April 2017

More Surprises From Google

For anyone using the Internet, we know how important search engines are. They serve as portals or gateways to just about everything that the web has to offer. And knowing how big the World Wide Web is, navigating it is made easier by these often overused search engines. If there is a search engine that is well-loved by many, it probably is Google. It managed to overcome the competition and become a crucial aspect of our daily lives.

Not only has Google managed to reinvent itself as a search engine but offer solutions to just about any problem man can possibly encounter – from mail, image search, Cloud storage, maps, videos, and everything else you can ever think of, Google got you covered. This indispensable tool has likewise transformed the whole web browsing experience and is even a crucial tool in most businesses and even in retail therapy. It will surely be a hit as more people discover the perks of online shopping from the comforts of their smartphones and you need not go far to satiate your shopping needs with the help of Google Image Search's new feature.

People searching Google for photos of designer shoes, sunglasses, or other snazzy apparel have a new way to shop.

The search giant said this week that its debuted a new feature called Similar Items, which is intended to make it easier for people to buy clothing and some fashion accessories when they search for photos.

Now when you search for designer shoes from your phone and find a photo you like in Google Images, Google will display several listings of similar looking shoes from third-party vendors like Amazon and eBay, complete with how much they cost. Currently, the feature only retrieves handbags, sunglasses, and shoes based on what people search for, but Google said it will eventually include other apparel and home and garden accessories "in the next few months."


This recent update from Google is sure to bring out the inner fashion stylist in you as you can easily copy celebrity looks without any sweat at all. Although it already made its debut last December, it is just starting to make a buzz in the digital world and promises to help you search for similar items for apparel, shows and bags, among others.

Google Image Search has launched “Similar items” suggestions on mobile and the Android Search app. This new feature is designed to help searchers find other products which compliment the one they were initially searching for.

Currently, the suggestions support handbags, sunglasses, and shoes. Over the next few months Google will add support for other apparel, as well as home & garden items.

”Using machine vision technology, the Similar items feature identifies products in lifestyle images and displays matching products to the user.”

In addition to suggesting similar items, Google is also adding a much requested feature by displaying information about price and availability.

If you’re vendor and want to make your products show up in ‘Similar items’ suggestions, you have to ensure product metadata is added to the pages of all products you wish to include. All products with name, image, price & currency, and availability meta-data are eligible for inclusion.

Next, if you haven’t already, verify the markup has been added correctly by testing your pages with the Structured Data Testing Tool.

If the markup has been recently added, Google notes it may take up to a week for the information to be recrawled and added to search.


Google is just a genius in turning everything into an opportunity to make money. Even a supposedly flop is turning into a lucrative business with Google’s magic touch.

Google Glass isn't dead. In fact, it's a growing business. 

That's according to developers who license the smart glasses technology from Google Glass' enterprise-focused "Glass at Work" program.

Google unveiled the smart glasses at its I/O conference in April 2012 in a high-profile demonstration featuring skydivers, and rolled them out to developers a year later. But the product was pricey at $1,500, and not particularly stylish. Onlookers were also concerned about the glasses recording them without their knowledge, which led to several Glass-wearers being attacked in public. Google discontinued Glass as a consumer product in 2015.

But a version for the workplace lives on.

"It's a big market today, and it will be an even bigger one in the future," said Brian Ballard, founder and chief executive officer at Upskill, a Google Glass partner that makes augmented reality apps for workers in the field. Its customers — and as of recently, its investors — include industrial giants like Boeing and GE.


The possibilities are endless with Google. With more than half of the population using it on a daily basis, imagine this company’s steady stream of income and the many lives that also depend on it to make money on the web. Content marketing is just a fine example of making money online. Check this link for more details on content writing: Google never fails to surprise everyone with innovative technologies that continues to shape the world today. From its main product that is the Google Chrome browser to all the other diverse innovations of this company, people can’t get enough of more Google in their lives and it will definitely go on for the years to come.

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