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Rolando is a primarily residential neighborhood located in the Mid-City Region of San Diego. It borders the 94 Freeway to the south, and of course La Mesa to the east. This neighborhood is effectively two: it is divided by University Avenue by two sections, Rolando Village to the north, with Rolando Park located at the south.

The neighborhood is home to two elementary schools:

Henry Clay Elementary
Rolando Park Elementary

While Rolando is mostly residential, it does have a good degree of retail at the north end of the neighborhood on El Cajon Boulevard, including such restaurants as Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen, Papa John’s Pizza and Chuy’s Taco Shop. An excellent outdoor experience can be found at Clay Neighborhood Park, which does have a lot of space for running around, playing with the kids and just enjoying the lovely San Diego sunshine.

Everybody’s gotta eat, of course, and Rolando does have a decent share of grocery stores, including the University Halal Market to the south, which specializes in African and Middle Eastern Products, plus halal meats. At the northern tip, there is a Vons, as well as a Smart & Final Extra! If one is looking to get a package somewhere, meanwhile, checking in on the USPS office here is also a pretty excellent idea.

As it does border College Avenue to the West, you can take a variety of buses and choose either Route 856 and 936. Up on El Cajon, meanwhile, you can take bus number 1, which is a pretty massive route that ends at 63rd and El Cajon.

Also on College Avenue is the all important Planned Parenthood on College Avenue, which has provided women and men with extremely low cost medical and family planning services. This is one of those places that people will want to check out, as there are not currently a ton of other medical facilities in the area.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for places to worship, Rolando does have a few folks covered, and features not only the Seminole Drive Church Of Christ, but also La Mesa Apostolic, the latter of which is oddly NOT located in La Mesa, but on College Avenue.

As this neighborhood is basically residential at its heart, there are a variety of single family homes as well as some apartments located not only in the middle of Rolando, including the Dorado Plaza Apartments, and of course plenty along the major routes bordering it, including the Belmont and Dalton Apartments.

Starting at Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, you can get to Clay Neighborhood park by using a couple of paths, both of which are less than a mile.


From there, heading south and a small drive on University Avenue will get you an interesting selection of Groceries at University Halal Market.


Heading east on University will get you where you need to be!


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