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Facebook Ads: A Refresher

We have talked a lot about Facebook and the varied ways the platform has been used by digital marketers over time that it may take you a lifetime if you are trying to consume all the content produced that are related to these topics. Marketing on Facebook is perhaps one of the most discussed and written topics in the field of online (and specifically social media) marketing that everything about it has been analyzed and nitpicked that you might even consider it to be overkill already.

The one thing most people tend to overlook is to analyze Facebook marketing in the current business climate. Yes, we all know that Facebook Ads are the bomb. Yes, we all know that businesses spend a lot on them. But the common theme in discussing Facebook marketing is that a lot of people in the discussion still sound like they are talking in 2016. Reality check: So many things have happened since the platform’s domination.

While it is true that thousands of new users join Facebook every day, millions have also deleted their account due to data privacy and security concerns. The platform’s reputation has taken a hit since it cannot seem to shake off its reputation as a fake news mongering network. Its founder Mark Zuckerberg has been a regular guest to various senate inquiries and congress hearings. Facebook has allegedly been used by the Russians in their involvement in the 2016 elections. Amidst the pandemic this year, several big brands have launched a boycott against the platform, withdrawing millions of their ad budgets unless Facebook adapts more stringent measures on information verification. Yes, we may have to re-discuss the topic of Facebook marketing’s effectiveness in light of all of these.

So, do Facebook Ads still work?

We may have already enumerated some changes that happened through the years with Facebook, but perhaps the single-most-important event that happened to the platform that ultimately affected users is its shift from organic to paid posts. Facebook’s algorithm made it more difficult for businesses to reach their entire audience from its organic posts alone, as the platform decided to favor posts from businesses only if they are paid. In fact, a report claimed that only 6.4% of a page’s total followers will see an organic post of a business page, which leaves serious marketers who want to maximize the platform to go for paid Facebook ads.  As to the effectiveness of Facebook ads, consumers have become okay with it, as long as it doesn’t interrupt their usual experience of seeing updates from their friends, family, and social contacts. This must be better compared to YouTube users who constantly complain about how the ads disrupt their experience of watching videos.

Consumers have become more informed and savvy about the way they use the Facebook platform. And consumers have grown tired of the advertising that interrupts their Facebook experience.


The one ingredient of a successful Facebook Ad

If you are invested in Facebook marketing, you need to realize one thing: the platform is most successful if used as a tool to increase brand awareness. Facebook is now primarily a platform to roll out ads, not really anything else. So, while it is true that there is also engagement and relationship building between brands and customers, the most effective area of Facebook is its ability to let everyone using it knows about the existence of your business. Know that, set your expectations, and work around that fact for an effective strategy.

As businesses shift to online, dig into the holiday season and adapt to the new normals of the coronavirus pandemic, it becomes even more important to find ways to make your brand stand out. If you’ve started establishing an online presence throughout COVID-19, you’ll also want to think about how to create strong brand awareness both online and offline.


Know your options and limitations

Another factor you have to master to be effective with advertising on Facebook is the various ad formats and their limitations. Knowing how big and how many characters you can put in an ad would allow you to maximize the platform, lest you run the risk of ads that get chopped because you used a photo that’s too big or text that has been cut because you passed the character limit.

If you don’t keep all the above points in mind, then you are vulnerable to having your ad cropped at the wrong places. Not only would it make you look like a brand that has no clue what it is doing, but you also will not be able to get any sales if your ad looks shoddy.



Talk to us if you want to reconsider some Facebook ad tactics you want to be implemented on your business’ marketing efforts.

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