Tuesday, 3 November 2020

Yes, You Can Join the Big Boys on Social Media Marketing

You may think that social media marketing is a field that has already been dominated by the big guys, which therefore doesn't leave room for any small fry like your business. With all the brands promoting their ware on just about every platform - Facebook, Twitter Instagram, LinkedIn, and even nowadays, Tiktok, it seems that there is not a lot of space for small and medium businesses to thrive. So, you might think that for small businesses to spend their already limited resources to a marketing venture that does not really guarantee any return is not a good decision after all.

The thing is, it can also be argued that small businesses will be missing out (by how much, is subjective) if they don’t invest in a social marketing strategy as well. Why? Marketing in social media platforms has become more of a “necessary evil” these days because this is where most consumers are these days. You will not find customers reading newspapers or looking at posters and billboards on bus stops or the subway. Everybody is home for fear they might catch the virus that has been killing people, mindlessly scrolling their social media feeds, and undertaking hours-long Netflix marathons. So, if your business isn’t advertising on social media, it is no exaggeration that you are truely missing out.

But how can an upcoming business with humble resources play and thrive in the arena of social media marketing? Here are some suggestions:

Get SMART with your socmed marketing

When I say SMART, we are not just talking about smart as in sensible, but SMART as in the acronym for specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely. As you are a small business, you need to be very deliberate about your social media marketing efforts, and using this SMART framework will help you in being successful in that respect. As your business is still up and coming, you need to be realistic and strategic on what you expect out of marketing your biz on socmed. If you are setting your sights on increasing brand awareness, a healthy engagement with your following, and lead generation, then you are on your way to your SMART goals.

Social media has the unfortunate reputation of being a time-sink among some critics. By defining goals, you’re able to point to the specific steps and actions you’re taking to meet your business’ needs and justify your role.

(Via: https://sproutsocial.com/insights/social-media-goals/)

Get picky with your socmed marketing

Remember the last time you ate in a buffet-style restaurant? You do not eat all dishes in a buffet spread. It is practically impossible and quite disgusting to make it your goal to have a bite of each item unless you have the goal of getting a serious case of indigestion. This goes the same with social media marketing for small businesses. First, a reality check: you cannot afford to have a presence on them all because you don't have gazillions on your marketing budget. Second, Not all your intended audience is on all social media platforms. After you've set SMART goals for your marketing efforts, know which platform your audience uses and strategize how to best reach out to them using that (or those) platforms. Spread your bets in three platforms the most; the most important thing to remember is to not spread yourself too thin by investing on all platforms available or you will run the risk of not being successful in any single platform.

There isn’t a ‘right’ drink that you have to pair with your meal, and there’s no ‘right’ social network for your industry or business type. What matters most is that you understand your business, your audience, and how social media fits into your digital strategy.

(Via: https://forgeandsmith.com/blog/best-social-media-platform-for-your-business/#Is_there_a_right_or_wrong_social_media_platform_for_my_business)

Get diverse in socmed marketing

A common mistake among businesses with social media marketing is that they usually fall off the wagon when it comes to relevance. This is because customers, especially those who follow social media accounts of brands, can get bored when social media marketing efforts of these businesses stay on one note and do not get on with the times. This is not to say that your business should jump on every trendy hot topic that comes, but the key to continuous relevance in the social media world is for content to be varied (consider videos, long-form blog posts, infographics, not just a text posts each and every single time) and if your brand's personality and voice allow, relate to the news of the day. Your audience will feel that your social media is always current and never stale, so they will keep on following you.

Truly diverse and inclusive content – the kind that resonates consciously and subconsciously with your audience – requires far more than an image. It requires thinking more deeply, from your audience research to your team structure, from your style guide to your user experience.

(Via: https://contentmarketinginstitute.com/2020/06/diverse-inclusive-content-marketing/)

Digital marketing need not be a big business-exclusive venture. Partner with us and we will take your social marketing capabilities to the next level.

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