Monday, 15 May 2017

Too Much Drama On Social Media

Social media is a favorite past time of many when going online, whether it be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, you name it. The Internet is full of these computer-mediated technologies that enable the public to create and share infos, interests, etc. at their convenience. The average person can spend hours on any of these social media platforms like Facebook: whether to post an update about their lives in the form of a text, photo, video or livestream, to connect with friends and other people with similar interests, stay updated on the lives of their friends and the people they follow and so on.

This virtual world is a delight to many as you will never run out of things to do or people to connect with. A problem commonly witnessed by many when it comes to social media use is that people overshare details, even that of their personal lives. Social media become their outlet to vent out personal feelings that used to be bottled up before and dealt with personally.

As we all become increasingly comfortable with sharing every aspect of our lives on social media, we face the risk whereby that publicly shared information may be used against us in our moments of weakness, like when relationships break down or we become involved in Family Court proceedings.


Many times social media has worked to your disadvantage when you disclose details like cheating, be it in a relationship, study, or work. Other times social media has also been used to catch criminals in action and revealed for the world to see. Remember that whatever is posted on the Internet stays forever, so always exercise caution when using it.

I have seen hideous cyber bullying and harassment at that [primary school] age, I've seen exclusion, I've seen kids set up accounts in other kids' names and use that as a tool to bully and harass other people," said Ms McLean.

"I have seen children groomed by predators [on social media sites]" — including some as young as eight and nine.

"I had one parent tell me, late last year, her 12-year-old daughter had been groomed on Yellow to share naked photos with someone who was much older."

Yellow, dubbed "Tinder for kids", is an app that enables Snapchat users to locate people nearby and swipe right or left, in order to become "friends".

All of this puts a new spin on what it means to raise pre-teen girls in 2017.

Whereas just a few years ago, it was 17-year-old girls speaking out about the pressure to mimic Kim Kardashian in selfies, in a "sexual rat race" with teenage boys, now it is not uncommon to hear stories of 11 and 12-year-olds buckling under the same stress.


But social media can be more damaging than just breaking relationships and such. In a world that is now dominated by technology, the Internet and social media, it likewise changes norms and how kids grow up these days. Even the church has intervened and issued a warning regarding too much social media use.

Pope Francis has warned young people about their use of social media, urging them to create their own history and reject “false” depictions of reality.   

The Argentinian pontiff was recording a video message for World Youth Day, which takes places on 9 April.

“Many people say that young people are distracted and superficial,” he said. “They are wrong! Still, we should acknowledge our need to reflect on our lives and direct them towards the future.

“In the social media, we see faces of young people appearing in any number of pictures recounting more or less real events, but we don't know how much of all this is really 'history', an experience that can be communicated and endowed with purpose and meaning.”

Pope Francis, who last year told youngsters not to let themselves become “couch potatoes”, also criticised reality TV shows.


Social media is a handy tool to communicate and do business. Yes, there is such a thing as social media marketing and people make lots of money from it. So, let us use social media wisely and don’t go overboard when posting updates or risk getting confused by your virtual world and the real world.

We can avoid social media drama and issues if we exercise moderation in its use. Although we benefit a lot from social media and it really has brought so much excitement in our lives, it poses a lot of danger especially to young kids who still have a hard time determining what is right from wrong. It is the responsibility of adults to guide the youth in the right use of social media and limit exposure when necessary so they don’t get influenced by the wrong people or false beliefs.

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